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How can I transfer campaigns?

Rank Ranger supports multiple packages for your account, so that when you add a new package, you can transfer Campaigns between packages. You cannot transfer campaigns between accounts, so it's important to consider the structure needed for your business before adding a campaign to an account.

Transfer Campaigns

Video: How to Transfer Campaigns between Packages


Transfer a Campaign Instructions


Access Account Settings In the the top right hand corner navigation menu:
  • Mouse over the person icon.
  • Click Account Settings.
Transfer Campaigns The Account Settings screen displays:
  • Select My Packages in the left navigation.
  • Scroll down to the Transferring Campaigns & Keywords section.
  • Select the Click Here link in the Transferring Campaigns section.
Select Packages Choose Packages:
  • Select the Package that you would like to transfer the campaign from.
  • Select the Package that you would like to transfer the campaign to.
Select Campaigns to transfer Choose Campaign(s):
  • Select the Campaign(s) that you want to transfer.
  • Click the Transfer Campaigns button.
  • A Success message displays confirming the transfer.

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