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SERP Features Monitor

The SERP Features Monitor provides an opportunity to take a deep dive into how often URLs are chosen over time in Google desktop and mobile search results for these SERP features:
  • Featured Snippets
  • Featured Snippet (Image)
  • Hotel Pack
  • Local Pack
  • Product Carousel (Best Products)
  • Product Carousel (Popular Products)
  • Product Carousel (Similar Products)
  • Related Questions
  • Top Stories
  • Video Box
The data provided in this tool is based on the campaign's tracked keywords and search engines.
Rank Ranger SERP Features Monitor
Reports & Tools > Organic Search > Rank Tracking > SERP Features

Getting Started

Select a SERP Feature, Search Engine, and Keyword and click the search icon.

Start a search

SERP Feature Chart
The SERP Features chart displays all the sites that are displayed for the selected keyword and SERP feature during the last 30 days. 
  • Hover over any point on the chart to view the list of sites and the position in or of the SERP feature (e.g., Featured Snippet may only display position 1, but Related Questions may have 3 or more results for a specific date). 
  • Highlight of Google Algorithm updates can be set to display in the Report Options
  • The chart legend can be displayed or hidden by clicking the Legend button. When the legend is displayed, you can click on any URL to set it to hide or display on the chart. Show/Hide All buttons enable the user to select or unselect all URLs displayed in the chart and listed in the Legend option.
SERP Features Monitor Chart explained

SERP Changes
The SERP Changes section of the report includes:
  • A numbered rank for the domain based on period visibility
  • SERP Title
  • URL that displayed in the SERP Feature
  • SERP Description
  • The Date represents the last date the domain was found in the SERP for the SERP feature
  • The Position the URL was displayed in the SERP feature
  • Percentage of Period Visibility, which is based on the number of times the domain appeared for the SERP feature and its position
SERP Changes explained

SERP Feature Not Found
If your search does not result in a report, then try a different keyword, search engine, or SERP feature. You can also check the campaign's Rank Insights report (in the same SEO report section) and select the SERP Features option to see which of the campaign's keywords are resulting in SERP features.
no results error

Featured Snippet Example

What does the report indicate?
In this example, we've selected the keyword "new york times best sellers", the Google desktop search engine, and Featured Snippet. The chart displays different colors for each site and plots the dates on which those sites were found in a featured snippet for the search phrase. The SERP Changes section indicates that during the last 30 days 3 sites appeared in a featured snippet for the keyword:
  • scored the highest with a period visibility of 45.16%
  • was visible 19.35% of the time
  • has period visibility of 3.23%
During that period Google did not serve a Featured Snippet 32.26% of the time.
Featured Snippets for new york times best sellers

Hotel Pack Example

Tracking the Hotel Pack SERP Feature
In this example the Hotel Pack SERP feature and Google Mobile search engine were selected, allowing for analysis of the fluctuations between which domains Google served in that highly visible pack. 

hotel pack for san diego resorts

Local Pack Example

Analyzing Competition for Local Pack Position
If ranking in one of the three positions available in a Local Pack is important for your local business, the SERP Features Monitor can help you determine which sites are consistently in the Local Pack and how often Google is switching between the domains it ranks for those coveted spots. 

local pack results for ice cream parlors in nashville

Product Carousel Example

Best, Popular, and Similar Product Carousels
In this example, we're viewing the Product Carousel (Best Products) feature for the keyword "food processors". The graph displays competitors for the top 5 SERP positions that had products in the carousel. Below that the SERP Changes report provides the detail of carousel positions and changes (such as price) between dates. 

Product Carousels in SERP Features Monitor

Related Questions Example

People Also Ask 
This is one of my favorite SERP Features, a gift from Google that seems to keep on giving as it expands to provide more and more answers to questions.  In this example, the keyword "how to make apple pie" is tracked on Google desktop and the Related Questions SERP Feature was selected. 

related questions for how to make apple pie

Top Stories Example

Keyword News Trends
In this example, the Top Stories SERP Feature was selected for the keyword "electric sports car" tracking on Google desktop. The results included 32 websites that appeared in the Top Stories box in the SERP during the last 30 days - too many for this screenshot, but a wealth of news data for anyone wanting to analyze Google's news feature for their product, service, hobby, etc.  

top stories results for electric sports car

Video Box Example

Which Videos are in the SERP?
The SERP Features Monitor provides title, URL, and YouTube channel name when YouTube videos are displayed in the search results. In the example below, the phrase "what is the best home security system" was tracked on a custom location-based search engine and we see that 10 YouTube channels competed for a spot in the video box during the last 30 days.  

video box results for what is the best home security system

Web Stories Example

Which Web Stories are in the SERP?
The SERP Features Monitor provides title, URL, and domain when Web Stories display in the search results. In the example below, the keyword "los angeles" was tracked on a mobile search engine and we see that the data for the 5 competitive domains during the last 30 days.  

Web Stories result

Report Options

display settings Display
  • Custom Report Title (optional): enter a title to display at the top of the report
  • SERP Feature: select one of the following options
    • Featured Snippet
    • Featured Snippet (Image)
    • Hotel Pack
    • Local Pack
    • Product Carousel (Best Products)
    • Product Carousel (Popular Products)
    • Product Carousel (Similar Products)
    • Related Questions
    • Top Stories
    • Video Box
  • Algorithm Updates: set to display or hide a highlighted indicator when an algorithm change has been recorded.
select a keyword Keywords
  • Select one keyword
search engine settings Search Engines
  • Select one search engine
chart settings Chart Settings
  • Chart Display: select the number of result positions to display in the chart
  • Metric Hover: select Single Metric or Combined for the results that display when hovering over a point on the chart. Combined includes all the sites listed in the Legend, Single displays only the site for the selected chart point.
  • Color Palette: select a color group for the chart display
  • Click the Apply Changes button.

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