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Rank Insights

The Rank Insights report is a gateway to a wide variety of SEO metrics. For your convenience we've categorized and built presets for the views that we think most professionals will want to utilize on a regular basis:
  • Rank: analysis of keyword rank distribution, multiple landing pages, SERP features, visibility, and rank trends, along with a SERP snapshot detailing actual page one organic rank and SERP features.
  • Jobs: analysis of Google for Jobs stats including rank, top job titles, employers, employment type, locations, listing duration, post time, and keyword average search volume. Available only if a package that supports the Google Jobs search engine has been purchased.
  • Fluctuations: rank fluctuations and performance analysis highlighting stability, positive and negative change, and alerts of potential keyword cannibalization and opportunities / at risk situations. Trend graphs and SERP features are included, along with a SERP snapshot.
  • SERP Features: graphical analysis of SERP features for the campaign's tracked keywords for both the tracked domain and other domains ranking for the keyword.
  • Featured Snippets: breakdown detailing the number of keywords tracking in the campaign that produced a featured snippet, along with the featured snippet's position in the SERP.
  • Above the Fold: ATF is a new Rank Ranger metric that represents search engine rank results that do not require scrolling in order to be seen. A graph details the number of keywords and their CTR based on position. Did you know that it's possible to rank in position 1, but be below the fold? (Note: for Desktop Search Engines only)
  • Search Console: performance analysis of clicks, impressions, average CTR, and position, along with top keywords list linking to detailed keyword research.
  • Meta Tags: analysis of metadata including title and description character length per keyword ranked landing pages.
  • Local: provides Local Pack and Hotel Pack analysis for the Google Business Listing Name and campaign keywords.
  • Video: provides a breakdown of the tracked domain, video channel, and competitors in the Video Box
You can also modify report views by adding columns, filters, and widgets in the report options and save your customized view as a new Report Preset.

Note: The imported historical data is not supported in the Rank Insights report.

Reports & Tools > Organic Search > Rank Tracking > Rank Tracker

Video: Introducing SEO Rank Insights


Rank Distribution Analysis


Default Settings for SEO Rank Report
The default Rank view of the Rank Insights report includes a Rank Distribution Widget that can be used to filter the table below it, alert for when multiple pages rank for the same keyword, highest ranked landing page, rank, SERP Feature indicators for both the tracked site (bold) and other sites that rank in the top 10 results for the keyword, average search volume, rank, and visibility trend graphs, and SERP Snapshot that features the top 10 search results plus related search, ads, and a variety of important SERP features (e.g., featured snippet, related questions, local pack, image box, reviews, video box, etc.) The change is calculated based on the current data compared to the 7th day prior data.

SEO Rank Insights Report

Rank Position Filter
Clicking the number of keywords in either of the Rank Distribution graphs launches a filtered view of the report displaying only the keywords that rank in the position category. For example, clicking the 5 for positions 11-20 filtered the table below the graph to display only those 5 keywords. 

Rank Position Filter

SERP Snapshot
Click the screen preview icon at the end of any keyword row to launch the actual snapshot of the search engine results. This feature includes the title, URL, meta description, title length, and description length of top 10 rank results, along with all the SERP features that displayed during rank tracking (e.g., featured snippets, related questions, image box, local pack, knowledge panel, related search, and ads.

SEO Rank Insights SERP Snapshot

Trending Multiple Ranked Pages
Clicking the graph icon launches a rank trend graph with the details of the multiple landing pages. You can also click the Rank / Visibility option for a 90-day trend graph, or launch the Landing Page Monitor or SEO Monitor by clicking the corresponding button.

multiple pages rank trend

Multiple Pages Icon Launches Landing Page Monitor
Clicking the Multiple Pages icon launches the Landing Page Monitor that details the ranked landing pages for the past 90 days. Hovering over any point on the graph provides the ranked page(s) for the date, and if there has been an algorithm update or notes added to the campaign, then there are highlighted bars that can be hovered over for the details. Below the graph, the landing pages are listed and can be clicked on to remove them from the graph. In this example, we see that the blue line is for a URL of a temporary campaign vs. the home page, a service page, and a location page.  The table below the graph provides the ranking page URL (clicking the magnifying glass launches the On-Page Keyword Optimization tool for that page and keyword) along with current rank, highest rank (since the campaign began tracking the keyword), SERP features, traffic, clicks, and CTR.

multiple pages ranked

Rank Fluctuations and Behavior


Fluctuations Report with Default Settings
In the Fluctuations report, keyword performance is analyzed and keywords are grouped into categories. Click any of the category labels in the top section to filter the report:
  • Stable: Consistent rank trend maintained over the past 30 days
  • Unstable: Inconsistent rank fluctuations over the past 30 days
  • Improving: Rank improved over the past 30 days
  • Declining: Rank declined over the past 30 days
  • Cannibalization: Indicates potential instances of keyword cannibalization where landing pages swap at least 2 times (only the highest ranked landing page per day is considered). Learn more...
  • Opportunities / At Risk: Keywords that are at the same time opportunities or at risk are determined by unusual rank behavior that results in falling out of or entering the top 10 results. For example, a keyword that ranked between 1 and 10 at least one time during the last 30 days, and in the same period ranged between 11 and 100. Also considered are minimum rank and maximum rank during the prior 30 days. For example, if the range is between position 8 and 18 (i.e., the keyword dropped from page 1 to page 2.5, or the opposite, we dismiss cases that are normal flux).

*Note: Currently the Fluctuations report shows only for up to 1K keywords. If the campaign has over 1K keywords, go to Rank Insights > Report Options > Keywords and select 1K or fewer keywords at a time.

rank fluctuations

Trend Graph
To the left of the landing page, you'll find a jump-off icon that when clicked launches the landing page. To the right of the Rank column, is a Trend graph that demonstrates the rank and visibility trend over the previous 90 days. Clicking the Trend graph or the graph icon toward the end of a keyword row launches a more detailed graph.

In this example, we selected the Opportunities / At Risk category. Below the graph is an explanation of the behavior that has occurred causing the keyword to be considered an opportunity and/or at risk displays.

rank fluctuations at risk

Unstable Rank Fluctuations
In this example, the Trend graph provides a detailed view of a keyword that ranked for 5 different landing pages over the course of a 90 day period.   

unstable rank fluctuations

How to Track Keyword Fluctuations

Identifying Keyword Cannibalization

Google Jobs Insights

Analysis of Google Jobs Listings
This report requires a rank tracking package that supports the Google Jobs search engine. You can click the Jobs button to launch this view or enable the Google for Jobs Stats widget and modify the display of Jobs related keyword table data in Report Options > Display and Widget settings. If the campaign is tracking on more than one search engine, you may need to expand Report Options > Search Engines and select Google Jobs.

Google Jobs Report

Google for Jobs Stats Widget
This widget data is based on the campaign's keywords and includes the name, number of listings, and percentage of total listings:
  • Top Job Titles
  • Top Employers
  • Top Job Locations
  • Employment Type
  • Listing Duration

Google for Jobs Stats

Google Jobs Listing Snapshot
In this example, we have the Google Jobs table with Keyword, Rank, Job Title, Employer, Job Location, Post Time, Employment Type, and average search volume for the keyword. Clicking the display screen icon launches a snapshot with up to the 20 top results including job title, company that posted the ad, employer name, job location, when the ad was posted, employment type, and the actual content of the job listing. This data can be exported to HTML, PDF, or Word format.

Google Jobs analysis

SERP Features


How to Understand the SERP's Level of Competition: Featured Snippet & SERP Feature Insights

SERP Features Report
Select the SERP Features preset in the Rank Insights report to display a graph of the SERP Features that the campaign's keywords produced in Google search results, followed by a table detailing keywords with rank, landing page, and more.  Please refer to our Visual Guide to Google SERP Features for definitions and examples.

In the table, SERP Feature icons are displayed in bold for the tracked site and appear in a lighter format for other sites.
SERP Feature Icons

serp feature icons

Hover over the graph column
Hover over a feature column to discover the total number of keywords that scored the feature, as well as the number for the tracked site vs. other top 10 ranked sites. 

SERP features graph hover

In this example for the website, the graph is indicating that the site scored 3 related questions and 1 image box, whereas the top 10 competitors scored featured snippets, image boxes, knowledge panels, PLAs, local packs, related questions, reviews, top stories, site links, and video box. 
  • Click any column to filter the report to display only the keywords that scored the particular SERP feature. This also highlights that feature in the SERP Features column of the table below the graph.

SEO Rank Insights SERP Features report

SERP Features linked to SERP Features Monitor

SERP Features such as Featured Snippet, Hotel Pack, Local Pack, Product Carousel, Related Questions, Top Stories, Video Box, and Web Stories are linked from the Rank Insights SERP Features column (icons of the listed above features) to the SERP Features Monitor, for the keyword and SERP Feature preselected based on where the link was clicked from. 
Gaining Deeper Insights into the SERP Features
In this example, we clicked the screen icon to display an actual snapshot of the search results that appeared when the keyword was tracked. In this SERP Snapshot, we see the URLs linked to from the images that are displayed in the Image Box and can click to launch the landing page in a new tab.  

SERP Snapshots can be exported to HTML, PDF, or Word format by clicking their icons.

SERP Snapshot highlighting Image Box

Domain Featured Filter
You can filter the report to display only the results that match the tracked domain. 
  • Open Report Options
  • Expand Filters
  • Scroll to SERP Features and select the AND option
  • Check only the Rich Cards option 
  • Enable the Domain is Featured option

Domain is Featured
Those settings produce a report like this example that only displays the keywords with Rich Cards for the tracked domain.

How to Check If Your Domain Is Ranking in SERP Features

Featured Snippets Breakdown


Highlighting Featured Snippets
Scoring a coveted Featured Snippet is something to be proud of and certainly, something important to report to clients, and this Rank Insight report preset makes that easy. Clicking the Featured Snippets option launches charts with a breakdown detailing the number of organic position #1 vs featured snippets, and Share of Voice detailing the percentage of the tracked domain vs. competitors. 

For more information regarding 2020 changes in Featured Snippet reporting, please refer to this post.

SEO Rank Insights Featured Snippets report

SERP Snapshot
Displaying the SERP Snapshot by clicking the screen icon at the end of the keyword row, we can see that the featured snippet for "how to make apple pie" included a link to a recipe landing page at Not all featured snippets include a link for our rank tracker to match to a campaign domain. 

Featured Snippet in SERP Snapshot

Filtered by Featured Snippet Rank Position
In this example, we clicked the featured snippet rank position 3 columns to filter the report to display only the keywords that scored a featured snippet in the 3rd position on the search results page.  Positions 1 and 2 were claimed by ads, followed by the featured snippet, related questions, and direct answers. With this many SERP features, it's possible that the organic rank position 1 for may have been pushed below the fold. Fortunately for the site, it did score in both the 1st and 2nd position in the Related Questions box. 

featured snippets in rank position 2

Above the Fold & CTR


Tracking Search Results Above and Below the Fold

Above the Fold (ATF) represents a desktop search engine rank results that do not require a searcher to scroll in order to see them.
ATF metric indicates whether the keyword is ranked in the organic results or Featured Snippet result for a specific keyword is above the Fold. 
ATF Results indicate the number of organic results including Featured Snippet that are displayed above the fold for a specific keyword. The results don't include SERP Feature results, even if the primary domain scored in the SERP result. 
In the SERP section of Report Options, you may select the screen resolution that you want the ATF calculation to be based on. For more information and an illustration of ATF, visit this FAQ.
Note: This feature is not for Mobile Search engines.

SEO Rank Insights Above the Fold

Keywords & CTR Stats
Connecting the campaign to the site's Search Console account enables the CTR stats in the Above the Fold & CTR graph
above the fold and ctr graph

Organic Rank Position 1 but Not Above the Fold
As incredible as it may seem, it is possible for a keyword to be in organic rank position 1 but not be above the fold!  In this example, the keyword "best restaurants" resulted in 4 Related Questions, a See results about the box, a Local Pack with map, and 3 Top Stories pushing all organic results below the fold.

not above the fold

Absolute Visibility


Absolute visibility is determined by factoring the ranking position of a result relative to the SERP features found on the page along with the placement of those features. (Scale: 0 – 10) For more information

Above the Fold Report with Absolute Visibility column:

Visibility Insight Graph

Absolute Visibility Widget:
The Absolute Visibility score in this trend graph is a calculated formula based on all Absolute Visibility scores in contrast with the Above The Fold Results that display a clear picture of the daily change taking place.

Visibility Insight Graph

Search Console Performance


When a campaign has Search Console integrated, this performance report includes Clicks, Impressions, Average CTR, and Average Position for the keywords that are tracked in the campaign, along with a graph displaying keyword position and CTR for each, and a table of the top keywords including keyword difficulty score (KD), rank and number of clicks.

The table below the performance section includes keywords, rank, top ranking landing page URL, above the fold indicator (ATF), and the existence of SERP features, plus clicks, impressions, CTR, Search Console average position and estimated search volume per keyword, plus rank trend graph and SERP Snapshot. 

*Note: The Search Console data displayed in the Performance widget at the top of the Rank Insights report is not based on the single report date. For the widget, Search Console data is cached every Monday for the previous 30-day period to create a representative sample data set. 

Search Console Performance report 

Keyword Research
Clicking on a keyword in the Search Console Performance Top Keywords list... 

launch keyword research tool

... launches the new Keyword Research tool that provides Related Keywords, Questions, Related Topics, and the Keyword Finder, along with an Overview of the top 10 results from each category.  The research tool allows you to view keyword statistics from multiple countries and create your own keyword lists.

keyword research tool

Keyword Insights

Clicking on a keyword in the Search Console report rank table...

launch Keyword Insights tool

... launches the Keyword Insights report for that keyword.

keyword insights

Meta Tags


Page Title and Description Length
How a page's meta tags are displayed in search results can make the difference between a searcher clicking or moving on to a different site. For example, a short (or no) meta title or meta description that doesn't adequately represent the page content may not rank or receive click through. Similarly, a title or description that is so long that the search engine truncates it, can also be problematic. 

The Meta Tags Distribution graph makes it easy to identify the keywords and URLs that need attention.

Meta Tags report

Filters and SERP Snapshots
In this example, we clicked the Long Standard category under Description Length causing the table below to be filtered by only the keywords that are in that category. Launching the SERP Snapshot enables us to see that Google is presenting the full 37 character Title and 315 character Description in search results. 

Meta Tags report filtered

How to Identify Titles & Descriptions That Are Either Too Long or Too Short

Local Business Results

Local Ranking & Ratings
The Local view includes a widget with Local or Hotel Pack appearances compared to competitors, price range (if displayed in SERP), the campaign's Google My Business listings with a number of keywords ranked, the average rating, and price. Below the widget is a table with per keyword organic rank, local or hotel pack rank, SERP features for site and competitors, business name match, Google Business Rating, price (if included in the pack), search volume, and a SERP snapshot displaying the top organic search results, packs, ads, and SERP features.

Rank Insights Local business report

Local Business Results Widget
For businesses displaying in the Local Pack, this widget reports on the total number of local packs and the total for the matched Google Business listing name, along with a pie chart comparing the share of local packs, average rating, and the campaign's top business listings with a number of keywords ranking a local pack,  average rating and price range (if included in the listing).  When a business has multiple Google Business Listings, if the Search Engine Business Results settings are correctly configured for multiple locations, it is possible for many locations to display in this report. 
Local Business Results Widget

Local Pack Results Snapshot
Clicking the display screen icon launches the SERP Snapshot. When a local pack was found in the search results, it will display in this snapshot along with organic results, SERP features, and ads. In this example, the search engine settings are set to include the local pack results as part of the organic rank and that is why the local pack listings are also displaying under the organic list (when excluded from the ranking, the local pack is displayed but not counted in rank). 

local business results snapshot

Hotel Business Widget
In this example, a hotel's website and Google Business Name is being tracked and the price range is displayed in the results.

Local Hotel Results Widget

Hotel Pack Results Snapshot
In this SERP Snapshot for the hotel campaign, the search engine settings were set to include the hotel pack in the organic rank count. The Hotel Pack includes the business name, price, and rating. 

Hotel Results Snapshot

No Data for Local Business
In this example, no data is displaying for a local business because Business Results settings haven't been configured in the search engine settings.  Refer to this documentation for instructions.

Business Results need to be configured

Video Box Results

Share of Video Box
If a video is displayed in the search results and the URL matches the tracked domain, or the channel matches the channel name in the search engine settings (learn how to enable this feature), then you can view its rank in the Carousel and also open the SERP Snapshot to discover the video title, URL and channel name (if the video link is at YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Rank Insights Video report

Report Options



  • Select a report date (this report is limited to 1 date and 1 search engine at a time)
general settings


  • Custom Report Title (optional): enter a title to display at the top of the report on the screen and in white label PDF reports and dashboards.
  • Keywords Table: displays/hides keywords table in the main report content area
  • Search Engine: displays the search engine icon per keyword row in addition to the search engine name at the top of the table.
  • URL: displays the domain with any subdomains of the landing page keyword ranked for. For example, or
  • Keyword Tags: displays a column containing tags per keyword. To display only specific tags, use the filter in the Keyword Tags section of report options.
  • Keyword Difficulty: displays a column with KD - a predictive score from 0 to 100 reflecting how difficult it would be to rank for the keyword vs. competitors.
  • Landing Page: displays a column containing the highest ranked landing page URL for the keyword. This option includes a jump icon that can be clicked to launch the page in a new tab.
  • Multiple Landing Pages: when a keyword ranks for more than one landing page on the report date, enabling this option displays additional table rows for that keyword with each landing page URL.
  • Multiple Landing Pages Indicator: displays an icon when more than one landing page ranks for the keyword on the report date.
  • Targeted URL displays an indicator of the ranked landing page matching the keyword's Target URLs (setting in the Campaign > Keywords screen).
  • Algorithm Updates: displays a red shaded bar in the keyword performance graphs on the date(s) of a Google algorithm update.
rank settings


  • Baseline: displays a column with the rank on the 1st day the keyword was added to the campaign, or if the keyword did not rank within the maximum supported results tracked by each search engine, then Baseline displays the first rank recorded by Rank Ranger for the Keyword when it did rank. 
  • Best Rank: displays a column containing the highest rank recorded for the keyword on any day since the campaign was created.
  • Target Rank displays a column in which target rank can be added by clicking into the cell for a keyword.
  • Daily Change: displays a column containing the rank change compared to the previous day.
  • Weekly Change: displays a column containing the rank change compared to the same day for the previous week.
  • Monthly Change: displays a column containing the rank change compared to 30 days prior to the report date.
  • Overall Change: displays a column with the rank change between the Baseline rank and the report date rank.
  • Trend Chart: displays a column containing a rank fluctuations trend chart. This is one of the default options in the Fluctuations report.
search console

Search Console

  • Impressions: displays a column containing the number of search impressions per keyword.
  • Clicks: displays a column containing the number of clicks from search results per keyword.
  • Position: displays the average position in search results (refer to this Google support document for details on how this metric is calculated).
  • CTR: displays a column containing the click through rate (i.e., calculation of clicks vs. impressions).


  • Above the Fold: displays a column containing an indicator of whether or not the keyword's ranked search result displayed above the fold on page one of the SERP (i.e., did not require the user to scroll to view the result). When enabled, you may select the screen resolution you want the ATF calculation based on. Learn more about ATF in this FAQ.
  • Above the Fold Results: displays a column containing the number of organic results that are displayed above the fold.
  • Absolute Visibility: Absolute visibility is determined by factoring the ranking position of a result relative to the SERP features found on the page along with the placement of those features. (Scale: 0 – 10)
  • SERP Features: displays a column containing SERP Feature icons when a SERP Feature exists in the search results for the keyword.  The icons are displayed in bold for the tracked site and in a lighter format for other sites.
  • SERP Snapshot: displays the SERP Snapshot column that contains a screen icon that can be clicked to reveal a snapshot of page one SERP.
  • Featured Snippet Rank: displays a column containing the rank position of the Featured Snippet in the search result.
  • Title Length: displays a column containing the number of characters of the page title as presented in the search result.
  • Avg. Title Length: displays a column containing the average number of characters in the titles of all the page one organic results.
  • Description Length: displays a column containing the number of characters in the meta description as presented in the search result.
  • Avg. Description Length: displays a column containing the average number of characters in the meta descriptions of all the page one organic results.


  • Avg. Monthly Volume: displays the Vol. column containing the keyword's average search volume.
  • Avg. CPC: displays a column containing the average cost per click for the keyword.
  • PPC Competition displays a column containing a Low, Medium, or High score representing the domain's ranking based on the number of advertisers bidding on the keyword.
local results settings


Requires configuration of Business Results Name matching in the Google Search Engine's Custom Location & Options settings
  • Business Name: displays the Google Business Listing name that matched the campaign settings.
  • Rank (Pack): displays a column containing the Business Page's rank in the local pack (if applicable).
  • Rating: displays the Google Business rating relating to the keyword results.
  • Price: displays the price range, if that is available in the search results.
video carousel results settings


  • Video Box (Domain Rank): displays the rank of a video embedded in a web page when it ranks in the video box
  • Video Box (Channel Rank): displays the rank of a video hosted on a video platform when it ranks in the video box.  Requires the channel name be inserted in the Video Box setting in the Google Search Engine's Custom Location & Options
Google Jobs settings

Google for Jobs

Requires package that supports Google Jobs search engine.
When the business is displayed in Google Jobs listings, you can enable this data to display in the report. Clicking the Jobs option at the top of the report automatically selects these fields to be displayed):
  • Job Title
  • Employer Name
  • Job Location
  • Post Time
  • Employment Type
If you are tracking more than one search engine in the campaign, you need to select the Google Jobs search engine in Report Options > Search Engines.
social signals

Social Signals

Display domain statistics (e.g., shares or likes) from:
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest


  • Notes (Single Date): display in the rank performance graph notes that were created for a single date.
  • Notes (Date Range): display in the rank performance graph notes that were created for a date range.
    Learn how to add how to create Notes...
sort options

Sort Options

  • Sort Field: select a field to sort the table by
  • Sort Direction: select Ascending or Descending
report filters


Filters offer a variety of report customization options
  • Rank
    • Display All Results or choose from Top 10, 20, 30 ... 100
    • Minimum Rank: enter the lowest rank you want to be included in the report (this is helpful if you want only rank 11 to 20)
    • Maximum Rank: enter the highest rank you want to be included in the report
  • Landing Page: enter a full landing page URL (including http:// or https://) to filter the report for only 1 page
  • Search Volume: select the greater than, less than, or equal to symbol and enter the search volume value you want to be applied to the filter. Leave blank for no filter.
  • SERP Features:
    • Display All
    • Require all selected (AND): select if you want only results that include all of the selected SERP features, or if you are using the Domain is Featured option.
    • Contains at least one (OR): select if you want to view all results that include any of the selected SERP features
    • Domain is Featured: enable if you want the report to only provide data if the selected SERP feature is positive for the tracked domain. This option can only be used with the Require all selected (AND) filter.
  • Title
    • Minimum Length: enter the minimum number of characters in the title to filter the report by
    • Maximum Length: enter the maximum number of characters in the title to filter the report by
  • Description
    • Minimum Length: enter the minimum number of characters in the meta description to filter the report by
    • Maximum Length: enter the maximum number of characters in the meta description to filter the report by
  • Featured Snippet Position: select All Positions or Position 1, 2, ... 10, and the report will filter by the selected position number.


  • Select the Keywords to be included in the report (use the All or None link for quick selection)
keyword tags

Keyword Tags

  • Select the Tag(s) to filter the report results by
  • Select a Tag Filter:
    • Contains at least one (OR): this option will include any of the selected keyword tags
    • Require all selected (AND): this option requires all of the selected keyword tags in order for the keyword data to display in the report
search engine

Search Engines

  • Select one search engine
seo widgets Widgets
  • Rank Distribution
  • Fluctuations
  • SERP Features
  • Featured Snippet Breakdown
  • Meta Tags Distribution
  • Above the Fold & CTR
  • Absolute Visibility
  • Local Business Results
  • Google for Jobs Stats

  • Search Console Performance

  • Search Analytics Overview
  • Search Analytics Demographics

  • Pay Per Click Ads Overview
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