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Social Signals Explained

Why can't I match the social signals from Rank Ranger with reports I see in Facebook or other social properties?

We use Developer API Tools from FacebookLinkedInPinterest, etc. that allow us to access the raw data and provide social metrics in your Rank Ranger reports. Typically a regular Facebook user will not see a report for domain or URL stats in the regular Facebook user interface. In order to obtain that data, you would need to claim the domain through the Facebook Insights dashboard. Because we're pulling from their API, the data is domain statistics, not Facebook page or group stats.

For example, you can use Facebook's Graph API Explorer, which provides all referral traffic to the tracked domain from Facebook, including when people link to that site in their Facebook status messages.  Our reports provide you with the opportunity to view that engagement data alongside search engine rank and additional marketing metrics.

The social signals we provide are refreshed weekly, not daily, so if you happen to look at social channel reports on a different day (or even hour) than we've collected data you may not find an exact match, but they should be close (unless you've had an extremely successful campaign since we last checked the metrics).

Our Research Domain Analysis report reflects the Social metrics for the Primary Domain in the Campaign Settings. Our Rank Tracker Dashboard and Landing Page Performance reports reflect metrics for individual URLs within a site.

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