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Campaign Import Tool

Use Rank Ranger's Campaign Import tool to easily create multiple campaigns at the same time through bulk upload into your Rank Ranger account.

Create one import file for each batch of campaigns that will share the same tracking mode and search engines.  

There are two import options:
  • Version 1: multiple campaigns (no keyword tags*)
  • Version 2: single campaign with keyword tags
    *Keyword tags can also be added via the Bulk Import Keywords option (select Delete and replace existing Tags)

The Campaign Import Tool is located in the Tools > Utilities section of Rank Ranger.
Rank Campaign Import tool

Import Campaigns

Download Template file

Obtain the Import Template:

  • Download the example Excel file to ensure correct field name headings.
    Sample File 1 is the standard format
    Sample File 2 includes an option for keyword tags
Open the Excel file and enter data

Prepare Data for Import:

  • Open the Excel file and enter your campaign data. Available fields include:
  • Campaign Name (campaign_name)
  • Campaign URL (primary_url) which can be the root domain name or domain name/sub-directory or domain name/page (reference the example file for correct URL format).
  • Competitor (competitor_1), enter the URL of your main competitor.  You can insert additional columns labeled competitor_2, competitor_3, etc. up to your package limit.
  • Keywords (KW1, KW2, etc.) up to the limit of the package you're importing the file into.

When finished with your entries, Save the file.

Import settings

Select Import Settings:

  • Click the Choose File button, navigate to your import Excel file and select it.
  • Select the Package you want to import the campaigns into.
  • Select the Ranking System Count for these campaigns (refer to Ranking System Count for more information, note that these settings can be changed later).
  • Select each Search Engine that needs to be tracked for the batch of campaigns in the upload file.
  • Confirm that the settings are correct and click the Upload button..

Successful Import

Import Successful:

  • When the Import has completed successfully, you will see a success message detailing the number of campaigns imported.
  • Click the House icon and you will see each new campaign listed in the Campaigns screen.
  • To further customize each individual campaign (e.g., associate with a Profile, connect with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc.), in the  Campaigns screen mouse-over the corresponding Settings icon and select Campaign Settings (refer to SEO Campaign Setup for detailed instructions).


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