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Search Engines

The Search Engine report provides you with a complete data summary of search engine results, organized by keyword or domain for ease in comparing your results with those of your competition.

This report is similar to the SEO Dashboard, but with 2 unique feature differences:
  • Google Analytics visits for keywords are included, if your campaign is connected to GA.
  • All Search Engines (if selected in settings) are displayed in one table side-by-side instead of separate tables for each search engine.

Search Engines Summary Report


Single Domain View

This report has options to show or hide most columns, and sort by the data type you prefer. You can also click the funnel icon at the top of the table and filter data.

Search Engines Report in Single Domain View

Competitive View

This view allows you to research competitor rankings alongside the primary domain for each keyword on every search engine that you're tracking. 

Search Engines report in Competitive View

Report Options

Select Date


  • Show or Hide the Date Column
  • Click the calendar icon to select the date or date range depending on the report

Select General Settings

General Settings:

  • Enter a Custom Title to display at the top of your report (optional). This title will also display on your White Label PDF Reports; both in the bookmarked links and at the top of the report
  • Group by: Domains or Keywords
  • Show or Hide the following columns:
    Domain (URL Column)
    Search Engine Name
    Best Rank
    Worst Rank
    Common Rank
    Average Rank
Select Keywords


  • Select the keyword(s) you want displayed in your report

Important: When you add keywords to a campaign you need to open Report Options and check the boxes beside the new keywords or click the Reset button to display all keywords in your report. The number of keywords currently included in your report displays directly below the report title where you'll find the words "Displaying # out of ## keywords" for your convenience.  That calculation comes from the settings you select here.  

Select Keyword Tags

Keyword Tags:

  • Show or Hide Keyword Tags in the report
  • Select the Tag(s) to filter the report results by: use the All or None link for quick selection or individually check the boxes beside the keyword tags to be included in the report.
Important: Refer to Tag Manager for more information about creating Keyword Tag Groups and Tag Options.
Select Website Domains


  • Choose whether or not to highlight the primary URL (campaign domain) in the report.
  • Select the websites you want included in the report (use the All or None link for quick selection)


Select Search Engines

Search Engines:

  • Select the search engines you want included in the report
  • Use the up and down arrows to reorder the display of search engines in your report, if desired

Select Rank Change Options

Rank Change:

  • Select Filter Compare to Previous: Month, Week or Day
  • Select to Show: All (No Filter), Positive & Negative Changes, Only Positive Ranking Changes, Only Negative Ranking Changes, Positive & No Ranking Changes, Negative & No Ranking Changes or No Ranking Changes
  • For: select the Search Engine you want to view rank changes for
Select Keyword Metrics

Keyword Metrics:

Show or Hide:

  • Google AdWords Average Monthly Volume
  • Google AdWords PPC Competition
Select Domain metrics

Rank Change:

Show or Hide:

  • Google Page Rank and select Bar or Number display type
  • Majestic
    Indexed Pages
    Domain Backlinks
    Citation Flow
    Trust Flow
  • Ahrefs
    Indexed Pages
    Domain Backlinks
Select Google Analytics Options

Analytics Settings:

Show or Hide:

  • Analytics Visits (month)
  • Analytics Visits (past 24 hours)
SERP Indicators

SERP Indicators:

  • Show or Hide the Display of SERP Indicators
Save Report Default


  • Click the Apply Changes button.
Save As Default Settings (if desired)
  • Account Default
  • Profile Default
  • Campaign Default
  • WL Portal Default
Refer to Report Default Settings for more information about default setting features and uses.

Please refer to the Report Toolbar and Track tab sections of Navigating Rank Ranger for additional information regarding report views, data export, adding this report to an existing White Label PDF report and more.

Understanding the Report Matrix

 DBL Ahrefs Domain Backlinks Displays the number of Ahrefs domain backlinks.
 DBL Majestic SEO Domain Backlinks Displays the number of Majestic SEO domain backlinks.
 CF Majestic SEO Citation Flow Displays Majestic SEO Citation Flow metric, which is weighted by the number of citations to a given URL or Domain.
Google Analytics Visits past 24 hours
Google Analytics Visits 24h
Represents the number of Site Visits as recorded by Google Analytics during the previous 24 hours. Displays data only for Campaigns connected to a Google Analytics Account.
Google Analytics Visits monthly
Google Analytics Visits Month
Represents the number of Site Visits as recorded by Google Analytics during the past month. Displays data only for Campaigns connected to a Google Analytics Account.
Keyword Keyword Displays monitored keyword.
 P Ahrefs Indexed Pages Displays the domain's total number of Ahrefs Indexed Pages.
 P Majestic SEO Indexed Pages Displays the domain's total number of Majestic SEO Indexed Pages.
PPC Pay Per Click Rank Displays the domain's PPC (Pay Per Click) ranking as High, Medium or Low based on the number of advertisers bidding on each keyword. If you move the cursor over the rank displayed you will see the domain’s actual rank percentage in reference to the position of advertisers bidding for the selected keyword.
PR Page Rank Displays the domain's Google Page Rank, a link analysis algorithm which ranks pages within the Google search engine and determines the importance of the web page, based on a scale of 1 to 10. Higher page rank usually means higher placement on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) within relevant searches.
SE logos
Search Engine
Displays the monitored search engine. Mouse over the search engine's icon to view the name and location (e.g., Google Global, Google USA, etc.)
 TF Majestic SEO Trust Flow Displays Majestic SEO Trust Flow metric, which is weighted by the number of clicks from a seed set of trusted sites to a given URL, or Domain.
URL Uniform Resource Locator Displays the monitored URL Address.
Vol. Monthly Global Search Volume Displays the broad number of global searches in a month for the specified keyword.

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