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The Facebook Insights Overview report presents a series of numeric and graphic report elements that provide a synopsis of your overall Facebook page performance. As opposed to data related to specific Facebook posts, the Facebook Insights Overview report offers a look into a Facebook page's performance in total. To this extent, the report presents metrics such as People Engaged, Page Fans, Page Impressions, Total Reach, Page Stories, Post Clicks, Likes, Video Views etc.  

Important! In order to view this report, you must authorize a connection to a Facebook account that has Admin permissions for a Facebook Page.

Facebook Insights Overview Report

Facebook Insights Key Metric Graph

The Facebook Insights Graph affords a graphic look at Facebook Page performance on a per metric basis. Users can select the graph to display any of the following metrics:
  • New Likes
  • Page Fans
  • Page Impressions
  • Page Engagement Rate 
  • Page Stories
  • Page Views
  • People Engaged
  • Post Clicks 
  • Post Impressions
  • Post Reach
  • Total Reach 
  • Unlikes 
The data shown within the graph can be set to display data for a custom time period and can reflect previous period data on the same axis. 

Facebook Key Metric Graph

Overview of Facebook Stats

The Overview of Facebook Stats section of the report presents a numeric summary of Facebook page performance and engagement. The data shown includes Page Fans, Page Impressions, Post Impressions, Total Reach, Post Reach, People Engaged, Page Stories, Post Clicks, New Likes, and Unlikes.

The data displayed in this section may also include previous period percentage change statistics that appear under each metric value when the compare to previous period feature is selected in the Report Options Date section.
Overview of Facebook Stats

People Talking About This Trends

Presenting data on the number of people sharing stories about your page, the People Talking About This trends graph is broken down into three components. The first two metrics indicate the number of Page Likes and Page Mentions your Facebook page has received within the reporting period. The last metric, Posts by a Page, indicates the number of times content posted by a Facebook page has been referenced by another page.

People Talking about This

Likes & Unlikes Performance

The data on the Net Likes graph presents a user with a per day breakdown of both your Facebook page's Likes and Unlikes in the form of a two metric area graph. Intersecting this data is a line graph that displays the Net Likes of the page per day, which is calculated by taking the number of likes and subtracting it by the number of unlikes.

Facebook Net Likes Graph

Organic & Paid Total Reach

Total reach refers to the total number of people whose Facebook feed has been fed any form of content from your Facebook page. The scope of this data includes but is not limited to posts on your page, posts to your page executed by other users, mentions, and checkins.

The data displayed on the graph is segmented by organic reach, shown as an area graph,  and paid reach, shown as columns.

Facebook Total Reach Data

Like, Comments, and Shares Graph

The Shares Chart presents data related to the overall user interaction with the content found on your Facebook page. Displaying daily data over a 30 day period, the chart presents the number of likes, comments, and shares your page's content has received via multi-colored stackable columns, where each color reflects its own metric.      

Likes, Comments, and Shares Stackable Graph

External Referrers Pie Chart 

External referrers relates to the sources that have driven users to your Facebook Page. The External Referrers Pie Chart indicates a by percent breakdown of sources that have referred users to your page within the selected reporting period.

External Referrers Pie Chart

Organic & Paid Video Views

Tracking the number of times video content was viewed on your page, the Video Views Graph segments views by source. For a video to be considered to have been viewed, it must have been played for a period greater than 3 seconds. For such views, the graph will indicate whether the viewer was brought to your Facebook page organically, or via a paid promotion.

Video View Facebook Overview Chart

Report Options 

Date Settings Report Dates
  • Select Report Dates from the Report Options calendar tool or select a Cutom Date Rage in the top right toolbar.
  • Check the Compare to Past box and select a period, if desired. 
General Settings General Settings
  • Enter a custom report title, if desired. 
  • Show or hide desired report sections.
Report Sections:
  • Social Account Header
  • Top Graph
  • Graph Labels
  • Metrics Totals
  • Talking About Chart
  • Net Likes Chart
  • Total Reach Chart
  • Shares Chart
  • External Referrers Chart
  • Video Views Chart 
Social Analytics Social Analytics
  • Select a Key Metric (displayed in the report's top graph).
Available Metrics: 
  • New Likes
  • Page Fans
  • Page Impressions
  • Page Engagement
  • Rate Page Stories
  • Page Views
  • People Engaged
  • Post Clicks
  • Post Impressions
  • Post Reach
  • Total Reach
  • Unlikes
Events and Notes Events and Notes
  • Chose to show or hide events and notes within the report.
Important: Settings will not be applied until the Apply Changes button has been clicked


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