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Keyword Rank Change Email Alerts

Receive email alerts of keyword rank change for individual keywords.

Settings are located in the Campaigns> Email Notifications section of Rank Ranger.

Create Rank Change & Backlink Alerts

Keyword Rank Change Alert

Keyword Rank Change Alert by Email

A report like this including domain name, search engine, and keyword with rank position change can be sent to your email address.

Rank Change Email Alert

Create a Keyword Rank Change Alert

Keyword Rank Alerts

Open Campaigns> Email Notifications and scroll down to the Keyword Rank Alerts section.
Click the Add Keyword Alert button.  You can also click the Edit (pencil) icon to make changes to an existing alert, or click the trash can icon to delete an alert.
Keyword Rank Alert Settings

Create New Keyword Rank Alert

create new keyword rank alert

  • Enter an Alert Name (for your reference and displays in the email you receive)
  • Enter the Email address the alert should be sent to
  • Select a Campaign
  • Select a Domain (e.g., the alert can be for the campaign domain or one of the competitor URLs)
  • Select the Keyword you want to receive alerts for (if you want to receive notification of any keyword change in the campaign, please use the Campaign Rank Change Email Notification instead)
  • Select the Search Engine
  • Select an Alert Rule: Any Change or Greater Than (and enter a number)
  • Select the Alert Frequency: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Click the Submit button, and you will be notified by email when the conditions of the rules you've established are met

Whitelist Rank Ranger Email

Important: Please whitelist to ensure that your email alerts don't get labeled as spam or blocked by your email server.

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