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Link Status Email Alerts

Receive email notifications of the status of all links in Link Manager that are connected to your user permissions. If applicable, your report will display the following link statuses and the number of corresponding links:
  • Valid Link
  • Valid Link, but anchor text does not match
  • Valid Link, marked as no-follow
  • Dead Link, host not found
  • Dead Link, the link does not exist on the host
  • Processing (refers to new links that have not completed processing)

Enable and select the frequency that you want a Link Manager Report to be sent to you.

Links are tracked weekly beginning on the day that they are added to Link Manager.

If your SEO platform package allows for multiple users, you should take advantage of that feature and create user logins for each person who is authorized to manage rank tracking campaigns, client dashboards, white-label PDF reports, profiles, and/or links. When an authorized user logs in and accesses the Email Notifications screen, they are able to create notifications that will be sent to their email address. If everyone uses the account default login, email notifications are only sent to the account default email address.

Settings are located in the Campaigns > Email Notifications section of Rank Ranger.

If you receive a link status that is not what you expect it to be, please refer to Link Status Validation and contact us if you need further assistance.

Link Manager Email Notification

Link Status Report

Email Notification of Link Manager Status

This is the standard Link Manager Report that can be sent to your email address. It includes the totals for all link types that exist in the account (or selected Profile)

Link Manager Email Notification

Link Alert Details

When Link Alert Details are enabled, the email notification includes the Link From URL, Link To URL, and Anchor Text


Create a Link Status Alert

Link Manager Email Notification Settings
  • Set Status to On (and slide to Off if you want to pause or stop email notification)
  • Select the email notification frequency: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Set the Link Alert Details to On if you want to receive individual link details
  • Select All Profiles or a specific Profile if you want the email notification to contain only links for a profile (learn more about Profiles)

Link Status Change Email Notification Settings
Click the Save button and watch your inbox for link status notification reports from

Whitelist Rank Ranger Email

Important: Please whitelist to ensure that your email alerts don't get labeled as spam or blocked by your email server.

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