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Daily Rank Distribution

The Daily Rank Distribution graph provides an analysis that visually demonstrates keyword traffic performance.  Filters allow you to show or hide any of the keyword rank position options.

The default settings include all keywords in the campaign, but you can also filter the report for a specific keyword group (by using tags), and for all or specific search engine(s) those keywords are being tracked on.
Daily Keyword Rank Distribution Graph

Report Options

Select a custom Date Range

Custom Date Range
Select a custom Date Range



  • Report Dates from the Report Options calendar tool; or
  • a Custom Date Range in the top right toolbar
Select General Rank Settings

General Settings:

  • Enter a Title to display centered at the top of your report (optional). This title will also display on your White Label PDF Reports; both in the bookmarked links and at the top of the report.
  • Select to Hide or Show the Keyword Rank positions:
    • Heavy Traffic 1 - 3
    • Good Traffic 4 - 10
    • Moderate Traffic 11 - 20
    • Potential Traffic 21 - 50
    • Optimizing 50+
    • No Rank Value 500+
  • Select to Show or Hide Google Algorithm Change indicator (displays on graph as a red bar and can be hovered-over for details).
Keyword Tags

Keyword Tags

  • Select to Show or Hide data for specific keyword tags.
Select a Domain URL

Domains / URLs:

  • Select the Domain to be displayed in the report.
Select a Search Engine

Search Engines:

  • Select the Search Engine(s) you want data generated from in the graph.

Note: selecting more than one search engine will add each search engine's results together. For example, if a keyword is ranked #1 on Google (USA), #3 on Bing and #8 on Yahoo, that keyword will be counted twice in the Heavy Traffic (1-3) results and once in the Good Traffic (4 - 10) results.

Display Events and Notes

Events & Notes:

  • Show or Hide Events and/or Notes
  • Add a new Event or Note to provide descriptions, dates and details that could be helpful in understanding the graph results.
  • Click the Apply Changes button


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