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Which reporting dashboard should I choose - Client Dashboard or Marketing Dashboard?

Which reporting dashboard is the best option for you depends upon the type of interface, appearance and experience that you want to provide for your clients. The following information details the differences between our Client Dashboards and Marketing Dashboards, we hope that it will help you make an informed decision, but if you need additional assistance please contact customer service or schedule an online meeting and we'll be happy to show you the possibilities based on your requirements.

Client Dashboards vs. Marketing Dashboards

All reporting platform plans are equipped with our original Client Dashboards.  This online dashboard mirrors the Rank Ranger Platform layout to the extent of the reports you choose to include, and permissions you establish for each client.

The Marketing Dashboard is a premium feature that provides a website style framework that is customizable with access to HTML and CSS.  Additional features include a built-in dashboard navigation menu for web pages and external links, page elements that can be sized to 1/2 or full screen width for report, graph and text box layout flexibility, a WYSIWYG text editor for static or scheduled messages and embedding of files and images, templates, and support for multiple versions of the same reports and graphs.

 Feature  Client Dashboard
 Marketing Dashboard
Design Mirrors the Rank Ranger platform based on the reports and permissions enabled for client view
Website style framework with fully customizable HTML and CSS. Page elements can be sized to 1/2 or full screen width for layout flexibility
White Label Logo
1: choice of your company logo or your client's logo
2: choice of one or both your company logo and client's logo
Client Access URL
Login credentials or public URL
Login credentials or public URL
Use your domain URL
Custom Domain, add-on option
Custom Domain, add-on option
Multiple campaign Single Sign-on
Yes, Profiles can be used to group multiple campaigns for viewing with a single login to a dashboard
Yes, Profiles can be used to group multiple campaigns for viewing with a single log in to a dashboard
Reports & Graphs
1 of each Rank Ranger report and graph
You can add multiple versions of the same reports or graphs, and group them into web pages for logical organization
Cross-campaign Reports & Graphs
No, each Client Dashboard presents report data for the  campaign it is associated with.
Single sign-on to multiple campaigns is possible.
Yes, Marketing Dashboards can contain data for any campaign in the account. For example, it is possible to create a dashboard with data from a campaign for a website, and separate campaigns for the YouTube and App Store campaigns affiliated with the website
Text boxes
Not available
Text boxes can be used to display messages to clients (and can be scheduled during various time periods anywhere you'd like in your reports), and to embed files and images
Embed External Data
Not available
Embed Images, Google Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings, and Forms as well as Vimeo and YouTube videos
Templates No, however, you can set an account level default for the reports and graphs you want displayed in all Client Dashboards for new campaigns. Additionally,  Client Dashboard report default settings can be created for each report per campaign.

Yes, you can create and save a custom template and deploy it to other campaigns or select one from our Dashboard Template Library

Demo Dashboards

Client Dashboard example
Experience a live Client Dashboard  with multiple campaign single-sign on feature, that uses a Public URL access
(no password required)

Client Dashboard example

Marketing Dashboard example
Experience a live Marketing Dashboard demo with single sign-on feature, that uses secure login access
(password is demo)

web marketing dashboard example

Marketing Dashboards are a premium feature that can be subscribed to in stand-alone marketing dashboard plans or added to full reporting platform plans. If your current plan does not support Marketing Dashboards and you would like to take advantage of this game-changing feature, please log into your account and complete the Build Your Own Scalable Package form at the bottom of the Add New Package screen and we'll be happy to provide you with pricing and build a custom plan that meets your current requirements and is expandable for future growth.

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