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Google Jobs Tracking

Tracking for Google Jobs results in Rank Ranger is provided via a Google Jobs search engine. Easy setup instructions are contained in this document, along with a sampling of reports that can be customized for analysis and client reporting of Google Jobs rank for the domain being tracked and its competitors. Rank is tracked for the top 100 Google Jobs search results (i.e., we provide up to 100 results, if Google serves 70 results for a keyword, then the report contains rank data for those 70 results).

After accumulating weekly and monthly rank data, Google for Jobs search results data can be used with additional rank reports, competitor research tools, Insight Graphs & Widgets, and Enterprise reports.

Google Jobs tracking is a premium service available as an add-on to Enterprise Rank Tracking packages or via the Google Jobs Rank API.

Google Jobs Rank Tracking

What is Google for Jobs?

Google Jobs Box

In some markets, when searching for a job title or jobs in a specific location, Google serves a Jobs box in the search results.

Google Jobs box

Google Jobs Search Results

Clicking any of the links in the Google Jobs Box launches Google Jobs Search which provides tens to hundreds of results in the left, and the full job listing in the right pane. Job listing features include the hiring company, a link to the job on the site of the company that published the job listing (e.g, recruiting agency or employer), job details, ratings/reviews, related search, and share options, as well as an opportunity to receive email alerts for the search.

Google Jobs Search

Video: How to Track Google Job Listings Rank


Track Rank in Google Jobs

Tracking Google Job rank results is as easy as adding a search engine to your campaign.
Add the Google Jobs Search Engine to Campaign

In Campaign Settings > Search Engines screen select:
  • Country: United States
  • Search Engine: Google Jobs
  • Click the Add button

track rank on Google Jobs search engine

Side-by-Side Search Engines Report


Search Engines Report

Keyword rank for Google Jobs can be compared to Google desktop and mobile rank in the Search Engines report.
Google Jobs search engines report

Rank Tracker Dashboard with SERP Snapshot


Google Jobs Daily Rank in Dashboard Report

The Rank Tracker Dashboard is our most comprehensive and versatile report, in this example Single Domain View with Daily Rank Change and filtered Tag display has been selected. Learn more about the many options available in the rank dashboard.

google jobs in rank tracker dashboard

Google Jobs SERP Snapshot

Click the discover screen icon to launch the SERP Snapshot for today. When the Google Jobs search engine is selected, you can scroll through the top 20 results, and inside each result, scrolling provides a view of the entire job listing. 

Google Jobs SERP Snapshot

Export Google Jobs Results

While viewing the SERP Snapshot, you may click the PDF or Word icon to export the Top 20 Google Jobs results.
export Google Jobs search results to word

Job Listing Details

In the Dashboard report, you can click the launch icon to view the actual landing page job listing. This feature makes it easy to view and gain insights from, a competitor's job listing content and layout, which can be especially useful if it ranked higher than the site you're tracking.

view job listings

Google Jobs Competitors


Google Jobs in Rank Tracker Dashboard Competitive View

The Dashboard report in Competitive View is a good option for tracking competitors in Google's top ranked spots.  

rank tracker dashboard competitive view

Google Jobs tracking Competitor Rank Comparison Report

The Competitor Rank Comparison report provides a side-by-side view of the sites competing for the best rank positions in Google Jobs search.
Google Jobs Competitor Rank Comparison

Competitor Website Rank Distribution

The Website Rank Distribution report provides a site-wide analysis of rank distribution for the domain being tracked vs. the competitor domains on the Google Jobs search engine.

Google Jobs competitor website rank distribution

Tag Rank Distribution for Google Jobs

Rank Distribution by Tags

One of the benefits of adding Tags to keywords is that they can be used to filter report data for keywords by category. Another is this high level and colorful Tag Rank Distribution report for the Google Jobs search engine.

Tag Rank Distribution for Google Jobs

Google For Jobs Report including Organic Rank

Simultaneous Ranking in Google for Jobs and Organic SERP

Compare rank in the Google for Jobs Pack alongside organic rank. Add an organic Google search engine and the Google Jobs search engine to a campaign, and you can export a CSV file that reports when a domain is appearing simultaneously within a Jobs Pack and Organic SERP for the same keyword.

To generate this report, open the campaign's Search Engines settings screen, and in the Google For Jobs Report section click the Generate Jobs Report button.

Download Google For Jobs Report
Come back to the Search Engines screen later (it can take 5 minutes to 2 hours to generate depending upon the number of keywords in the campaign and the number of requests in the queue ahead of yours) and click the Download button and save the Zip file to your computer. Then extract and open the CSV file. 

download Google Jobs report

To run the report on a different day, click the Remove button for the old report, and repeat the above steps. 

Google For Jobs vs. Organic Rank Analysis
The CSV file can be opened in Excel, Google Sheets, etc., and provides the Keyword list, Domain, Google Jobs Rank, Organic Rank, and Organic Jobs Pack Rank. In addition to rank, the report indicates whether or not the Employer, Location, Post Time, or Job Status was included in the Google for Jobs listing. 

Google Jobs report

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