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Personal User Settings

Personalize your User account with an avatar and set up email notifications for rank, traffic and links.

Personal User Settings


User Login


Your company's Rank Ranger Account Manager should provide you with a Login URL, along with your user name and password. If you lose the login URL, you can always access the main login screen to enter your credentials. You will need 3 pieces of information to log into your Rank Ranger account:

1. Your Account Login Name
2. Your Personal Username
3. Your Personal Password

Click the Team Member tab on the login screen and enter your credentials.

Team Member Login

If you forget your password, after a login attempt failure you're presented with an option to recover your password. If you are unable to successfully complete that process, you must contact your company's Rank Ranger Account Manager because Rank Ranger customer service cannot assist you with personal password recovery.

Personal User Settings

Access Personal User Settings Screen
Hover over the person icon and select Personal Settings


Access personal user settings

Edit User Settings

Your company's Rank Ranger Account Manager originally entered your personal information when setting up your User account. If you need to make changes, then edit any of the fields in this screen and click the Save button. 

Personal User Settings

Add Your Photo

You may upload an avatar in order to personalize your profile. Images should be:
  • Format: JPG, GIF, or PNG 
  • File size limit: 100KB 
  • File resolution: 80 (h) x 80 (w) pixels
1. Click the blank person image.
2. Browse to locate your image file.
3. Click the Upload button.

Add an Avatar

Resize Avatar Image

You can move the image size bar to change the display of your photo (4), and then click the OK button (5), followed by the Save button (6). 

Add your photo

Profile Complete

When your image has uploaded you will see a success message. 

User Settings Updated

Personalize Your Home Screen View

Choose from one of three home screen views. Learn more...

Campaigns Pro View

Pro View

Campaigns Screenshot View

screenshot view

Campaigns Classic View

Campaigns Classic View

Set up Email Alerts

Email Notifications can be set up for rank change, SERP features change, traffic change, and more. Learn how... 

These are a few examples

Campaign Rank Change Email Notifications

Select your rules to receive daily, weekly or monthly Campaign Rank Change Reports by email. Learn more about how to receive email notification like this Rank Change Report.  

Email Notification Campaign Rank Change Report

Campaign Traffic Change Email Notifications

Select your rules to receive weekly or monthly Campaign Traffic Change Reports by email. Learn more about how to receive email notification like this Traffic Report. 

Create a Traffic Change Report email notification

SERP Features Monitor Email Alerts
Create domain backlink alerts to be sent to your email based on the rules you set. Learn more...

serp features monitor alerts sent by email

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