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Top Stories Report

Top Stories is a report of SERP Top Stories appearing in the search results for the last 30 days. This report includes the date, URLs, and the rank for the keyword scored in the Top Stories SERP results in the Google Search. The domain filter is available to search for the keywords in the campaign for any related domains.

This report supports up to 50 keywords. If the campaign is tracking more than 50 keywords, then the campaign's first 50 keywords in alphabetical order will be used by default.
Top Stories Report





Google Top Stories results is a news box that is displayed in the Top Stories section of search results. This report will display data only if the result exists for the selected keywords and Search Engine. By default, the domain filter is set to the campaign's primary domain.

Top Stories Report

Note: If the campaign is tracking over 50 keywords and the first 50 keywords in alphabetical order do not score in Top Stories then the report will not display any records. Go to Report Options > Keywords and select those keywords that you would like to display in the report or select keywords by Tags in the Report Options > Keyword Tags section.
Both Rank Dashboard and Rank Insights > SERP Features reports can help you check which keywords rank in the Top Stories SERP Feature. These reports have to be filtered by Top Stories to show the list of related keywords.

Report for other domains


The Top Stories Results can be tracked for any domain if the Top Stories box appears for the tracked keywords in the SERP Feature for the last 30 days.

Use the SERP Monitor tool to check which sites are appearing for the Top Stories box in the SERP Feature during the last 30 days. To learn how to use the SERP Monitor tool, read the following documentation.

In this example, the SERP Features Monitor tool was used to look for the Top Stories SERP Feature on the Search Engine (US desktop) for the keyword "politics". The first site that appears in the monitor for the given keyword is "".

Top Stories Report

Going back to the Top Stories Report, run the report for the domain "" on the Search Engine. The Top Stories Report will display the list of keywords including the researched keyword with the date and rank for the Top Stories SERP Feature.

Top Stories Report

Report Options

Custom Title


  • Custom Report Title (optional)
Keywords filter


  • Select the keywords from the list
Keywords filter

Keyword Tags:

  • Select the keyword tags from the list
Save Report Default


  • Click the Apply Changes button.

For more information, please refer to:
  • The Report Default Settings for more information about the default setting features and uses.
  • The Report Tools section of the User Guide for additional information regarding report views or data export.

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