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Rank Ranger Enterprise Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials detail features, reports, and tools that have been crafted for Enterprise level users. Individual videos are listed below the playlist.



How to Configure Account Wide Default Tool Settings


The Default Tool Settings help you save time and ensure accuracy and consistency across staff by selecting account-wide defaults for these marketing tools:
  • PDF Reports (email message settings)
  • Client Dashboards (report selection and options)
  • Link Manager (Google Drive document storage)
  • Tag Manager (rules)
  • Search Console (monthly snapshot archive)
  • Custom SEO Metric (formula)
  • Platform Report Data Caching
Detailed instructions can be found in this documentation.

How to Use Tags to Categorize & Filter Report Data


Tags are used to categorize and filter rank data in reports and graphs. There are 3 types of Tags available in Rank Ranger:
  • Single category Keyword Tags
  • Keyword Tag Groups with Options
  • Website URL Tags
Keywords and Website URLs can have more than one Tag assigned to them. Keyword Tags can be manually entered or bulk imported via the Campaign Settings Keywords screen, or added via the Add Keyword API. We highly recommend that you become familiar with the Keyword Tag options before completing the setup of your rank tracking campaigns. Learn more about Tags and their settings in this documentation.

How to Create & Manage Report Presets


Report Presets allow you to save multiple personalized versions of a report or graph, each with different metrics, variables, and styles of that report or graph for the same campaign. There is also an option to save account-wide presets in Enterprise accounts.

Learn more in this documentation.

How to Track Brand Visibility


For Enterprise account users, Brand Visibility is a universal search result report providing daily rank position for brand-related pages (e.g., website, Maps, Google Business Page, Facebook business profile, LinkedIn company page, directory listings, Wikipedia bio, etc.) ranking in the top 20 Google Desktop and Google Mobile search engine results, along with position distribution, visibility trending, Page 1 coverage, and category of results.

A SERP Snapshot displays the actual Top 20 rank results, Top Google Ads, and Google Related search phrases.

Learn more in this documentation.

How to Generate a User Activity Log


Enterprise account administrators will find an Activity Log in the Account Details area. It details user login times and actions, including additions/deletions of keywords, search engines, and/or campaigns. The Activities Log can be filtered by user and activity type, and also exported by clicking the CSV download button.

For more information, please view the Activity Log section of the Account Settings documentation.

How to Archive a Campaign


Enterprise users with campaign management permissions have access to a campaign Archive feature that allows the campaign settings and history to be stored for future reference, but stops the rank tracking. Once keyword tracking is stopped, the campaign is no longer counted in the package capacity.

Learn more in the Archive Campaign documentation.

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