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Brand Visibility Report

Brand Visibility is a universal search results report providing daily rank position for brand-related pages (e.g.,  website, Maps, Google Business Page, Facebook business profile, LinkedIn company page, directory listings, Wikipedia bio, etc.) ranking in the top 20 Google Desktop and Google Mobile search engine results, along with position distribution, visibility trending, Page 1 coverage, and category of results. A SERP Snapshot displays the actual Top 20 rank results, Top AdWords Ads and Google Related search phrases.

If your SEO Plan supports this premium feature, you'll find it in Reports & Tools > Organic Search > Rank Tracking > Rank Tracker

This interactive report is available in your Rank Ranger user interface and White Label Client Dashboards. It may also be added to automated White Label email PDF reports and/or exported to an individual PDF.

Brand Visibility Report Top 20 SERP Positions

Video: How to Track Brand Visibility on Google


Brand Visibility Metrics

Brand Visibility Report Sections

Brand Visibility Report
Brand Top 20 Position Distribution

The Positions Distribution Chart provides the total (for all keywords in the campaign) number of times any of your brand pages rank in the top 20 search engine results on the day the report is run.  The dark gray line represents the baseline number of times brand pages ranked in the top 20 on the day we began tracking the Brand URLs. You can hover over the chart to view the actual numbers.
Brand Page Rank Distribution

Visibility Graph

The Visibility Graph displays the trend of the brand's visibility for the selected search engine over the past 6 months (or less if the campaign has not been in Rank Ranger for that period of time). This is based on the position of the site's ranking keywords and average search volume (learn how visibility score is calculated). You can hover over the graph to view the Visibility Score on any date.

Brand Visibility Score Graph

Results Page Type Pie Chart

The Results Page Type pie chart provides a graphic representation of the number of the brand top 20 search results by type - Organic, Maps, Social, Apps, Directory and 3rd party sites.  You can hover over any section in the pie chart to view the number of positions for that page type.
Brand SERP Result Page Type
Top 20 Positions

In the Top 20 Positions column, if the brand ranks for the associated keyword in the top 20 SERP results, you'll find the Rank and type of brand page along with a logo icon, if available. If an icon does not display for the page type, you can hover over the area between rank and third party to reveal the URL. 

Brand Top 20 SERP Positions

Total Positions

The Total Positions column is the total number of positions each keyword scored in the Top 20 search results.

Total Top 20 Rank Positions

Page 1 Coverage

Page 1 Coverage represents the percentage of brand appearance on Page 1 

Total Page 1 Ranking Keyword Coverage

SERP Snapshot

Click on the Discovery icon to launch the actual Top 20 search engine results. You can scroll through the results to view each of your brand landing pages that are ranking in the top 20, as well as where your competitors are ranking (and see their page titles and meta description text). Also, discover which listing services your brand might need to be added to. Right-click on any link and open the page in a new tab or window to view the page content. 

Note: the SERP Snapshot option is available in your Rank Ranger user interface and White Label Client Dashboards, but does not display in automated PDF reports.

SERP Snapshot of Brand Visibility

SERP Snapshot Top AdWords Ads

If there are advertisements associated with the keyword, you can view the Top AdWords ad titles and content (possibly competitor content that has helped them to rank in the top ad positions).
Discover top AdWords ads

SERP Snapshot Related Search

If Google provides related search phrases for the keyword, this report includes up to 8 related search results. 

Discover Related Search terms

Add Brand URLs to Campaign Tracking

Campaign Settings > Brand URLs
This is an Enterprise account feature, so if you don't see the Brand URLs screen and you want to use this feature, please contact customer service regarding an upgrade.
  • Enter full URLs of brand-related pages (e.g., social media profile pages, directory listings, etc.) one URL per line in the URL Address field.
  • Full URLs should be entered in this format: or  (the software will remove the https:// for you).
  • Click the Add button. 
Add Brand social media profile pages and directory listings to tracking

Brand URLs Successfully added to Rank Tracking

After clicking the Add button, you should see a Success message. When these pages rank in the top 20 search engine results, their rank position will display in the Enterprise Brand Visibility report. 

Brand URL added to rank tracking

Brand URL Error Message

If you attempt to add a brand URL that already exists in the campaign, you will receive this error message. 

Brand URL already exists

Report Options

Brand Visibility Report General Settings

General Settings:

  • Enter a Custom Report Title (optional)
  • Show or Hide the Top Charts
  • Show or Hide the Baseline on the Positions Distribution Chart
  • Show or Hide the Page Coverage column
Brand Visibility Report select keywords


  • Select the Keywords you want to be included in the report (use the All or None link for quick selection)
The maximum number of keywords allowed for this report 200 keywords.

When you add keywords to a campaign you need to open Report Options and check the boxes beside the new keywords or click the Reset button to display all keywords in your report. 

Brand Visibility Report Select Keyword Tags


  • Select the tag(s) you want data included for in the report.
This is especially helpful when working with campaigns tracking a large number of keywords, for example, if you're tracking 250 keywords for a restaurant and 30 are brand-related, 200 are menu items and 20 are related to a community project the company is sponsoring, you can this report to display only 1 of those tags at a time, changing the custom title for each version of the report and saving them using Report Presets
Brand Visibility Report select Search Engine

Search Engines:

  • Select the Search Engine that you want results displayed for.
  • Click the Apply Changes button.


Add to PDF Report

Conveniently add a report or graph with its current settings to a PDF report by hovering over the gold gear icon and selecting Add to PDF Reports

add report to PDF

Select the PDF Report that you want the report or graph added to
select white label report

Drag the new report or graph into the position you want it to display in the PDF and confirm that the Date settings do not conflict with the automated scheduling settings.

Add to Marketing Dashboard

Conveniently add a report or graph with its current settings to a marketing dashboard:

1. Hover over the gold gear icon and select Add to Marketing Dashboard
2. Select the Dashboard (campaign name)
3. Select the Dashboard Page that you want the report added to

add report to PDF

4. Click the "Go to Dashboard" link to further customize the report (e.g., drag it to a specific position on the page, change date settings, etc.)

Refer to the Report Options section for details regarding the display settings, filters and sort options available for this report.

The report date (or date range) is governed by the selected Dashboard date option: Date Selection or Fixed Periods, learn more...

  • Daily reports default to the last day of the selected period
  • Weekly and monthly reports default to 1 month of data
To change the number of weeks or months displayed in a specific report, click the gear icon for any marketing dashboard report element and expand the Date option section, enter the number and click the Save Button.
marketing dashboard report date options

Enterprise Account Features

Designed for marketing professionals who manage major brands or large numbers of clients, Rank Ranger Enterprise provides scalable access for teams, ensuring that everyone has the tools they need to be successful.

In addition to our standard plan features, Enterprise plans include:

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