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Monthly Average Weighted Snapshot by Tag

The Monthly Average Weighted Snapshot by Tags report is a feature available in Enterprise packages. It provides a summary of monthly rank by keyword tag groupings. This report utilizes the Average Weighted Rank based on search volume and the rank of the individual keywords within the tag group. When viewing the report, you can drill down to the keyword list with individual rank trends by clicking the tag name. 

This report also can be switched to the Monthly Average Rank by Tag to report the data of the monthly rank average of keywords grouped by tags. To switch from Average Weighted Rank to the basic Average Rank simply go to Report Options and turn on an Average Rank toggle. Average Rank Rules are also available in the Report Options where the Rank Threshold can be set up to the desired Rank Value.

The number of keywords at click displays a popup with all the tag-related keywords and their rank.

Important! Learn more about types of Tags and how to enable and set up Tag Manager for this report.
Monthly Snapshot by Tag report
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Analyze by Tags & Keywords

Monthly Snapshot by Tag Report
This report provides the category/tag name, a number of cumulative keywords in that group for the selected Date Range including deleted keywords (this can be altered in the Keywords section of report options if keywords are unchecked), search volume, and average weighted rank per day (refer to the "How Average Weighted Rank is Calculated" section below for more information). 

Monthly Snapshot by Tag report

Drill Down to Monthly Snapshot
Clicking the name of a Category/Tag in the Monthly Snapshot by Tag report launches the Monthly Snapshot report with the list of keywords (and their actual non-weighted rank) for the tag.

Monthly Snapshot for 1 Tag

List of Keywords per Tag
Clicking the number of keywords column listed next to each tag in the table will display a popup with all the keywords and their rank related to that tag. The list might include the keywords that were deleted during the selected Date Range. The listed rank is the available rank from the last date of the daily data.

Monthly Snapshot for 1 Tag

Report Options

select dates


  • Report Dates: select the start and end dates
  • Snapshot Day: select the Average rank or 1 specific day of the month that you want the report based on

display options


  • Custom Report Title (optional): enter a Title to display at the top of the report.


  • Rank Color Scale: displays rank cells with a heat map based on positions

  • Rank Decimal Precision: select the number of decimal places you want to be displayed in the rank columns


  • Average Monthly Volume column

  • Average Rank: when the toggle is ON the Monthly Average Rank by Tag is calculated instead of the Average Weighted Rank by Tag and also the Average Rank Rules become available

Average Rank Rules

The rules are available only when the Average Rank toggle is ON
  • Rank Threshold: if you want the Average Rank calculated differently than the actual average rank, then enter a Rank Threshold number.
  • Rank Value: when setting a rank threshold, enter the value you want to be used for keyword rank that is higher than the threshold you've chosen. Keyword rank value will then be calculated based on the number you set in the Rank Value field...
    • Enter 0 if you want keywords that exceed the threshold to be ignored completely when calculating average rank.
    • Leave the Threshold at 500 and the Rank Value at 0 to have the actual rank value used in calculating Average Rank, this is our default method.

Sort and Group

  • Sort Field: select the field you want the report to be sorted by
  • Sort Direction: select Ascending or Descending
select keywords


  • Select individual keywords that you want data included for in the report - this is optional, by selecting Tags below you don't need to select individual keywords unless you want to.
select keyword tags

Keyword Tags

  • Select the Tag(s) to filter the report by using the All or None link for quick selection or individually check the boxes beside the keyword tags to be included in the report.
  • Select a Tag Filter
    Contains at least one (OR): This option includes any of the selected tags
    Require all selected (AND): This option requires all of the selected keyword tags in order for the keyword data to display in the report.
Important: Refer to Tag Manager for more information about creating Tag Groups and options.
select website


  • Select the website(s) to be displayed in the report.
select search engines

Search Engines

  • Select the search engine(s) you want to be included in the report
  • Use the arrows to change the order in which the search engine tables display in the report.
Click the Apply Changes button

Average Weighted Rank Calculation

Average Weighted Formula
This formula can be found in Google Sheets. For the purpose of our Daily and Monthly Snapshot by Tags reports, there are 3 calculations run:
  • Average Volume: the average of the search volume for all keywords in the tag group
  • % of Avg. Volume: each keyword's search volume percentage of the Average Volume
  • Average Weighted Rank:  utilizes the Average Weighted formula taking into account the rank for all keywords in the tag group and percentage of average volume.

How average weighted rank is calculated

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