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DeepCrawl Integration

IMPORTANT! This is a legacy integration that will be deprecated at some point in the future because we have created a much better solution for you. Please use our SEO Audit reports and tools instead:

You can connect campaigns to your DeepCrawl account if want to view site audit reports and share them in white label dashboards and PDF reports.

DeepCrawl integration is a tool available by request in Enterprise packages. 
Deepcrawl integration


Authorize Connection to DeepCrawl Account

Obtain a DeepCrawl API key
  1. Log into your DeepCrawl account

  2. Click your profile name to expand the Account Panel and select API Access

  3. Click the Generate New API Key button

  4. Copy the API Token and record your Key ID
Refer to the DeepCrawl documentation for the most current information and assistance in obtaining your API key.

Integrate DeepCrawl with Rank Ranger
  • Open Account Settings > Authorized Connections
  • Click the Add Connection button to expand the option list
  • Click the DeepCrawl button in the Other Integrations section

DeepCrawl integration

DeepCrawl API Key

Paste the DeepCrawl token into the API Key field, enter your Key ID, and click the Add button

Add DeepCrawl API key

The new DeepCrawl connection should display in the connections list.

Connect Campaign to DeepCrawl


From the Home screen, click the Campaign Settings (gear) icon corresponding to the campaign you want to connect to the DeepCrawl account.

In the left menu click Site Audit

Select a DeepCrawl connection from the available options and click the Connect button.

Select a DeepCrawl Project from the list and click the Connect button.

The DeepCrawl Project name should display and you can click the View Reports link to access our Site Audit reporting.

Repeat for each Rank Ranger campaign that you want to be connected to a DeepCrawl project

DeepCrawl Reports


DeepCrawl Site Audit reports are located in the Reports & Tools > Organic Search > On-Page section of Rank Ranger, here are a few examples:

Site Audit Crawl Dashboard
This is a summary of issues, pages breakdown, changes, and non-200 pages in a graphic view. 

Site Audit Crawl Reports
This screen is the gateway to Indexation, Content, Config, Links, Traffic, Mobile, Performance, Source Gap and Extraction reports.

Site Audit Crawl Issues
This report provides a summary of issues, clicking an issue link launches a detailed report.

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