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DeepCrawl Dashboard

IMPORTANT! This is a legacy report that will be deprecated at some point in the future because we have created a much better solution for you. Please use our SEO Audit reports and tools instead:
The Crawl Dashboard provides a summary of issues, pages breakdown, changes, and non-200 pages.



Crawl Dashboard


The Crawl Dashboard can be customized to display any or all of 4 sections: Issues, Pages Breakdown, Changes, and Non-200 Pages. 

Site Audit Crawl Dashboard

Report Options


General Settings

  • Enter a custom report title for display at the top of the report (optional)

Report Settings

  • Select Last Crawl or a specific crawl date and time from the list
  • Show or Hide the following report sections:
    • Issues
    • Pages Breakdown
    • Changes
    • Non-200 Pages
Click the Apply Changes button.

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