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DeepCrawl Reports

IMPORTANT! This is a legacy report that will be deprecated at some point in the future because we have created a much better solution for you. Please use our SEO Audit reports and tools instead:

This Crawl Report allows you to view the data that you would see in a report while logged into your DeepCrawl account, but in a format that can be added to a white label PDF report or Dashboard. Data types include:
  • Indexation
  • Content
  • Config
  • Links
  • Traffic
  • Mobile
  • Performance
  • Source Gap
  • Extraction


Crawl Report Example


This is one of the dozens of site audit crawl report views 

Crawl Audit Report example

Quick Selection of Crawl Categories & Reports
Select a crawl report category, then the report you want to view, and click the search button. This option makes it easy to toggle between reports.

site audit crawl report options

Report Options

General Settings

General Settings

  • Custom Report Title: enter a title to display at the top of the report (optional)
Site Audit Crawl Report Settings

Report Settings

  • Chart: Show or Hide the chart that displays at the top of the report.
  • Report Rows: Show or Hide the report table rows (e.g., hide this section if you only want to include the chart in the white label reports to your client.
  • Crawl: select Last Crawl or a specific crawl date and time from the list (this is based on the crawls you've initiated in your DeepCrawl account)
  • Report: select the report you want to view. This can also be selected using the quick select option at the top of the report.
  • Tab: select the tab you want visible first - All, Added, Removed, or Missing
  • Click the Apply Changes button.

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