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Create & Manage Rank Tracking Campaigns Video Tutorials

Campaigns provide a framework for organizing Rank Ranger rank tracking, traffic, social analytics, and other integrated data. Campaign Settings include a series of customization screens that instruct our rank tracker regarding exactly how you want your search engine rank, search traffic, social analytics, and reputation management data collected and displayed in digital marketing reports and graphs.

Please refer to our Best Practices documentation for additional features and customization options 

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How to Create a Campaign: General Settings


When creating a new campaign, the first screen that needs to be completed is General Settings. On this screen, you define a Campaign Name, provide RangerBot with the Website Address to be tracked and the type of Tracking Mode you prefer.

Advanced Settings allow you to select a package, enter reference information, connect a Google Drive, and delete or archive a campaign. Learn more in this documentation.

How to Create a Campaign: Add & Customize Search Engine Tracking

After completing the campaign General Settings screen, select and customize the Search Engine(s) you want to be tracked.

You can customize each Google search engine with Advanced Settings, Local Pack Settings, Google Business Name Tracking, Track Multiple Google My Business Pages in One Campaign, and more. Follow the instructions in this documentation:

How to Create a Campaign: Add Keywords


Each Keyword can have specific Tags and Target URLs associated with them, and allow for Search Volume to be adjusted. Learn more in this documentation:

How to Customize a Campaign: Add Target URLs


Target URLs can be added in the Keywords screen, and are intended for rank tracking of service or location-based businesses that have multiple locations (e.g., real estate, hotels, restaurant chains, etc.), as well as YouTube videos and Apps in Apple iTunes or Google Play Store.

For more detailed instructions for adding Target URLs, refer to this documentation.

How to Categorize & Filter Data with Tags


Tags are used to categorize and filter rank data in reports and graphs. There are 3 types of Tags available in Rank Ranger:
  • Single category Keyword Tags
  • Keyword Tag Groups with Options
  • Website URL Tags
Keywords and Website URLs can have more than one Tag assigned to them. Keyword Tags can be manually entered or bulk imported via the Campaign Settings Keywords screen, or added via the Add Keyword API. We highly recommend that you become familiar with the Keyword Tag options before completing the setup of your rank tracking campaigns. Learn more about Tags and their settings in this documentation.

How to Customize a Campaign: Track Competitors


You may add additional URLs in the Websites screens to be tracked in comparison to the primary domain. Website addresses added via this screen will display in the Competitive View of rank tracking reports and can also be manually selected in Report Options for alternate display in graphs and reports.

Learn more about tracking competitors' URLs in this documentation.

How to Import Rank History


Learn how to use our Historical Data Import tool to import your ranking history from another provider into your Rank Ranger campaigns. Refer to this documentation for step-by-step instructions.

How to Transfer Campaigns between Packages


Our platform supports multiple packages in your account. When you add a new package, you can transfer campaigns between packages. This is helpful when adding a new package for upgrade purposes, or if you have a client with a special requirement for additional search engines or reputation management URL tracking and need a separate package with different features.

For more information, refer to this documentation.

How to Transfer Keywords between Campaigns


You can transfer Keywords between Campaigns as long as they are tracking the same primary domain and the same search engine(s).

For additional information, refer to the Transfer Keywords section of this documentation.

How to Archive a Campaign (Enterprise)


Enterprise users with campaign management permissions have access to a campaign Archive feature that allows the campaign settings and history to be stored for future reference, but stops the rank tracking. Once keyword tracking is stopped, the campaign is no longer counted in the package capacity.

Learn more in the Archive Campaign documentation.

How to Delete a Campaign


You can delete campaigns from your Rank Ranger account.

Campaign deletion is PERMANENT.

We recommend running a Campaign Rank Backup prior to deletion just in case you someday need the rank data history.

For detailed instructions, refer to the Delete a Campaign section of the General Settings documentation.

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