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Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot report displays your ranking progress on a daily basis. It also indicates when exactly Google implemented its most recent algorithmic updates.
Daily Snapshot



Daily Snapshot in Single Domain View

Daily Rank and rank change by search engine for the selected date range. Note that not all keywords are displaying because the report has been filtered by keyword tags.
Daily Snapshot in single domain view

Daily Snapshot in Single Domain View with Rank Color Scale

Rank Color Scale can be enabled in Report Options > General Settings

Rank Color Scale in Daily Snapshot

Daily Snapshot in Competitive View

Daily Rank and rank change for the selected date range, highlighting the primary domain rank vs. competitors' rank for each keyword and search engine.

Daily Snapshot in Competitive View

Report Options

Select a custom Date Range

Custom Date Range
Select a custom Date Range



  • Report Dates from the Report Options calendar tool; or
  • a Custom Date Range in the top right toolbar
select Group by, show rank color scale, sort, algorithm change settings

General Settings:

  • Enter a Custom Report Title (optional)
  • Group by: Domains or Keywords
  • Show or Hide Rank Color Scale
  • Sort Field: sort the report by Keyword, Search Engine, Tags, Volume or URL
  • Sort Direction: Ascending or Descending
  • Show or Hide the Algorithm Change in the Date column heading
Select Keywords


  • Select Keywords: use the All or None link for quick selection, or individually check the boxes beside the keywords to be included in the report

Important: When you add keywords to a campaign you need to open Report Options and check the boxes beside the new keywords or click the Default Report Settings option in the Gear icon menu to display all keywords in your report. The number of keywords currently included in your report displays directly below the report title where you'll find the words "Displaying # out of ## keywords" for your convenience.  That calculation comes from the settings you select here. 

Select Keyword Tags

Keyword Tags:

  • Show or Hide the display of Keyword Tags in the report
  • Select Tags to filter the report by: use the All or None link for quick selection, or individually check the boxes beside the keyword tags to be included in the report

Important: Refer to Tag Manager for information about creating Keyword Tag Groups  and Tag Options.

Select Websites


  • Choose whether or not to highlight the primary URL (campaign domain) in the report
  • Select the websites you want included in the report (use the All or None link for quick selection)
Select Search Engines

Search Engines:

  • Select the search engines you want included in the report
  • Drag to change the display order
Show or Hide Google AdWords volume

Keyword Metrics:

  • Show or Hide Google AdWords Average Monthly Volume
Show or Hide Events and Notes


  • Show or Hide Notes (Single Date)
  • Show or Hide Notes (Date Range): these are notes with a date range (formerly 'events')
  • Or click the Add Note button to create a new note
Save Report Default


  • Click the Apply Changes button.

For more information, please refer to:
  • Report Default Settings for more information about default setting features and uses.
  • The Report Tools section of the User Guide for additional information regarding report views, data export, adding this report to an existing White Label PDF report and more.

Rank Values Explained

The meaning of 500+, 100+, N/A, N/R, "-" and   

The three moving dots   are an indicator that rank tracking is in progress for the keywords and you should check the report later in the day for results.  We do the best we can to complete the rank tracking as early as possible every day, however, there are some factors that are beyond our control (e.g., search engine response rate).

3 dots in a Rank Dashboard report
Rank Tracker Dashboard displaying tracking in progress for the keywords "smart home technology" and "home security".

500+ is our system default for when our rank tracker did not find the keyword ranking for the primary domain in the top 500 Google or Yahoo (or in the top 50 or top 100 results of other supported search engines) and the search engine did return webpages on other domains with results for the keyword.
rank of 500+
Rank Tracker Dashboard displaying 500+ as the rank result for several keywords. 

N/A means that the search engine did not return any result for the keyword, which most likely means that the keyword is not indexed by the search engine at all (e.g., the keyword "lawn mower Nome, Alaska").

N/A is also an account-wide option that can be selected in the Theme & Localization settings to represent no rank value (e.g., instead of 500+), other options include "NR", "-", "100+" or "500+". Please check your account settings before requesting assistance for a keyword that you are certain is indexed.

If you're using one of our rank reporting APIs, they return a dash "-" in the rank field when no value is available.

No Data Found

If your account is relatively new, and depending on several variables (number of keywords, number of search engines, date range, etc.), rank reports can take anywhere from a few minutes to a 8 hours until your first reports will display all of the data.  In the case of a campaign that is a day or more old, incorrect campaign configuration can lead to empty reports as well.  Clicking the Default Report Settings button usually resolves the issue.

no data found

Common causes for 'no data found' message:
  • Account is new and our rank tracker is gathering data
  • Invalid date range (e.g., the report start date is older than the campaign creation date)
  • Keyword / URL combination on report options was not found in top 500 search results (relevant only for rank reports and graphs)
  • Incomplete campaign setup (missing URL / Keywords / Search Engines / Authorized Connections)
  • Website is new and hasn't been indexed by search engines yet
  • Authorized connection to a third party data provider has expired or been configured incorrectly (refer to the third party integration, or specific report documentation) 
  • Delays or outage of third party data provider (e.g., Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

If keywords are missing completely from a rank report, there are 2 possibilities:
  • New keywords may have been added to the campaign, but not selected. Learn more...
  • The search engine did not return any result for the keyword on any domain. In some rank reports, Rank Ranger will not display keywords for which the search engine displays no results - meaning no results for any URL on the web.  So if has results, but Google Mobile does not, you will see results for the keyword in the table, but the keyword will not display at all in the Google Mobile table. That is the way the system is designed because it needs a response from the search engine in order to record a number and when there is no response, then there is no number.

If you need assistance after reviewing and trying the options listed above, please  contact our technical support team.

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