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Overall Ranking Performance

The Overall Ranking Performance report displays start and end keyword rank, and overall rank change for a specific date range per URL/Domain and Keyword.  Google AdWords keyword metrics and MajesticSEO & Ahrefs domain metrics are also available for display in this report.
Overall Ranking Performance report


Competitor Rank Performance

Compare Competitor Rank Performance, Backlinks & PPC 
In this example, the report is set to group by Keywords, and all tracked Domains have been selected. The Date Added, Baseline Date, Baseline Rank and Overall Change columns have been set to display 

Overall Rank Performance report in competitive view

Domain Rank Performance

Analyze Overall Keyword Rank Performance
In this example, the report is grouped by Domain and only the primary tracked website is selected.  Keyword Tags, Date Added, Baseline Date, Baseline Rank, Report Date and Overall Change columns have been set to display.  The report can also be filtered to display only keywords with specific tags, and can be sorted by any column.
Overall rank performance report with tags

Report Options

Select Date


  • Click the calendar icon to select the report End Date

Select General Settings

General Settings

  • Enter a Custom Report Title (optional)
  • Group By: Domains or Keywords (for competitor comparison)
  • Show or Hide the following columns:
    Date Added: the date the Keyword was added to the campaign, or a new search engine was added and keyword tracking began
    Baseline Date: the date that RangerBot first tracked the baseline rank
    Baseline Rank: the first rank that RangerBot tracked in the top 100 or top 500 search results, based on the tracked search engine
    Date: the report date
    Overall Change: the difference in the number of rank positions between Baseline Rank and current Rank.
  • Sort Field: select the field you want to use for sorting the table data
  • Sort Direction: Ascending or Descending

Select Keywords


  • Select the Keywords you want included in the report (use the All or None link for quick selection)

Important: When you add keywords to a campaign you need to open Report Options and check the boxes beside the new keywords or click the Reset button to display all keywords in your report. The number of keywords currently included in your report displays directly below the report title where you'll find the words "Displaying # out of ## keywords" for your convenience.  That calculation comes from the settings you select here. 

Select Keyword Tags

Keyword Tags (optional)

  • Show or Hide Keyword Tags
  • Select specific Tags to filter the report by
Select Website Domains


  • Select the websites you want included in the report (use the All or None link for quick selection)


Select Search Engines

Search Engines

  • Select the search engines you want included in the report
  • Use the up and down arrows to reorder the display of search engines in your report, if desired

Select Keyword Metrics Google AdWords Settings

Keyword Metrics

Show or Hide the display of Google AdWords:
  • Average Monthly Volume
  • PPC Competition
Select Domain Metrics MagesticSEO & Ahrefs Settings

Domain Metrics

Show or Hide the display of:


  • Indexed Pages
  • Domain Backlinks
  • Citation Flow
  • Trust Flow



  • Ahrefs Indexed Pages
  • Ahrefs Domain Backlinks

Click the Apply Changes button


Please refer to the Report Toolbar and Track tab sections of Navigating Rank Ranger for additional information regarding report views, data export, adding this report to an existing White Label PDF report and more.

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