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Best Practices: Account & Campaign Settings

Prior to creating campaigns, we encourage you to consider some time saving account-wide features that are built into Rank Ranger to help you organize and present your data, provide your team members with personalized tools, and to ensure that anyone working in your account has access to only the areas that you want them working in.  A small investment of time upfront can save you a lot of time and effort later.

These are some things that should be considered before proceeding with account setup:

We also offer some campaign features that affect the way rank is tracked and recorded, third-party integration settings, and special enterprise options, so we suggest that you review this information before you begin creating campaigns:
  • Custom Search Engine Tracking:  Do you need to track organic desktop, mobile, maps, local packs, news, etc.  Learn more about tracking modes,  standard search engine settings, and custom location settings before creating campaigns.
  • Targeted Tracking of Specific Landing Pages: Do you need to track service or location-based businesses that have multiple locations, or apps in the iTunes or Google Play Store, or YouTube videos?  Learn more about settings up keyword-based Target URLs.
  • Third Party Data:  Do you want to include data from Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. in your reports?  Learn how to connect Rank Ranger to a wide variety of third party data providers to create comprehensive digital marketing reports.
  • Enterprise Portfolio Baseline Settings: if you have an enterprise package, you can establish baseline settings for your Portfolio Performance reports.
  • Brand URL Tracking: if you have an enterprise package, you can add brand related URLs to be tracked and reported in the Brand Visibility report.
  • Historical Rank Data Import:  Do you have rank data from another tool that you'd like to import into Rank Ranger campaigns?  If so, in order to prevent any lapse in rank data please set up your campaigns in Rank Ranger right away so our rank tracking will be underway before you export your final data from the other tools.  Rank history can't be imported until after campaigns are created. Learn how to format and import historical rank data.

We invite you to contact customer service for any assistance you might need, or schedule a training session during which an account manager can provide guidance in selecting the options that best match your goals.

Getting the most out of Rank Ranger


Team Based Settings


Will you have multiple employees and/or contractors working in your account?  
  • If yes, you can save time by adding users to your account before creating campaigns.  Open User Provide & Subscription > Manage Users
  • After creating your account users, they can log in and personalize their 
Each individual can be set with specific account permissions. This is important because users it enables users to:
  • be assigned to individual campaigns as the campaign manager in the Campaign Settings > General Settings > Advanced Settings section of each campaign
  • create report preset views that they can toggle between without interfering with another user's view of the interface
  • create email notifications to be alerted of rank change, SERP features change, traffic change, etc.
  • personalize their view of the home screen
  • update their email and password
  • be recorded in the management activity log to track additions, deletions, etc.

Client Dashboards


Do you plan to give your clients access to Client Dashboards that they can log into in order to view their reports?  
  • If so, you can save time by considering which reports and graphs you want to be the standard for the majority of your customers. Then open Account Settings > Default Tool Settings, and check those reports in the Client Dashboard Default Settings section of that screen. These settings only apply to newly created campaigns, so it's important to set this before creating campaigns.
  • The settings can be adjusted in the White Label > Dashboards screen for each individual campaign as needed by clicking on the wheel of the Client Dashboard Settings column for the desired campaign



Do you have clients for whom you'll be tracking more than one campaign, and want to be able to easily provide them with single-sign on Dashboards?
  • If you expect to be tracking multiple locations or internet properties (e.g., website, YouTube channel, app in the Google Play or iTunes store, etc.) for the same client, then we recommend creating Profiles.
  • If you create rank tracking campaigns and track backlinks for a client, then Profiles are a good way to organize and group that data for reporting.
  • On the Home screen and in Enterprise Management reports you can filter the view by Profile and Industry.

Tag Manager for Keyword Tags


Do you want to be able to filter rank reports by category and sub-category or is one level of tag sufficient for your needs?

There are two options available, Tag Manager allows category and sub-category tags (e.g., a tag group might be Ads, with tag options AdWords, Bing ads, Paid Banners, etc.) or simple single category tags.   If you want to be able to filter reports not only for the simple single category but also for the higher level category, then we recommend that you enable Tag Manager

Learn more about the uses of Keyword Tags.

PDF Reports


PDF Reports: Do you plan to schedule automated PDF reports to be sent to your clients or management?  
  • If so, you can save time by establishing the global defaults for the email content, from address, subject line, and PDF file name. In order for this to apply to PDF reports, it must be set prior to creating the PDF reports.  Open Account Settings > Default Tool Settings, and enter your preferences, and save your settings.  These settings can be changed inside of individual PDF reports as needed.  If you skip this step, then you will need to complete the email settings in each individual PDF report.
  • You can standardize your PDF reports by using one of our White Label > PDF Templates or create your own template and use it to create new PDF Reports, and enjoy the time you saved.

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