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Instagram Analytics

Integrate your Instagram account with Rank Ranger for enhanced Instagram Analytics reports that can be viewed in our marketing platform, white label client dashboards and automatically sent in white label PDF format to your clients and managers.

Authorization is quickest if you are logged into your Instagram account in another tab / window prior to connecting the account to Rank Ranger.

Once you've completed your Instagram integration, it can take up to 24 hours for your first report to contain complete data. Instagram doesn't provide us with your historic data, however, Rank Ranger has an automated system that will collect and store your Instagram data daily in our Big Data center so over time you'll be able to view comparative Instagram Analytics statistics in your social dashboard.

Authorized Connections Instagram Analytics Integration

Authorize Instagram Connection

Log in to your Instagram account.

Log in to Rank Ranger and access Account Settings > Authorized Connections

Click Settings in the top right navigation or hover over the person icon and select My Account. 
access account settings

Access Authorized Connections

Scroll down to the Connections section of the sidebar and click Authorized Connections.
navigate to Authorized Connections

If no connections have been previously added to your account, you will see a blank Manage Connections table.
Authorized Connections New Account

Add Authorized Connection

  • Click the Add Connection button to expand the option list.
  • Click the Instagram button.
Add authorized Instagram connection

Authorize Rank Ranger Instagram App: Permissions
In order to provide you with Instagram Analytics reports and tools, this connection provides Rank Ranger with your authorization to access followers, image and video posts, and engagement (e.g., comments and likes) metrics for display in your social analytics reports in our marketing platform.

To Revoke access, log into your Instagram account and open the Manage Applications screen, there you will find a Revoke Access button.

Name Your Instagram Connection
You can add as many Instagram accounts to Rank Ranger as you'd like, so we recommend that you name each connection for easy identification when connecting to rank tracking campaigns.

Name your Instagram Connection

Learn more about managing your Authorized Connections.

Connect Instagram to Rank Tracking Campaign

Integrate Campaign with Instagram

After authorizing integration of your Instagram account to our app, you need to connect a Instagram profile with a rank tracking campaign.
  • On the Home Campaigns screen, click the gear icon corresponding to the campaign to open Campaign Settings
  • Scroll down and select Social Analytics in the sidebar
  • In the Select Connection Name for Instagram field, click the down arrow and select the appropriate account.
  • Click the Connect button.

Connect Instagram to rank tracking campaign

Instagram Connection Successful

When the connection is successful, you will see the Instagram account avatar and name (if you don't then you need to click the Connect button). 

Instagram Connection Successful

To switch to a different Instagram account, click the Disconnect link and repeat the campaign connection. 

Click the View Report link to launch the Instagram Analytics Dashboard where you may see some preliminary data while we create your first report which can take up to 24 hours. When available, you'll find additional Instagram reports and tools in the left sidebar of the Reports > Social Analytics screen.

Instagram Dashboard


The Instagram Analytics Dashboard displays:
  • Followers Graph: Followers are people following the Instagram account you're tracking
  • Video and Image Posts Graph: Posts are images or videos that were published through that account on the indicated dates
  • Activities Graph: Activities include user-generated Comments and Likes, so these are based on how other people are engaging with the Posts and the account.

Instagram Analytics Dashboard

Support: Instagram providing different stats


There may be times when there is a difference between a statistic in our reports vs. what the account owner can see inside their Instagram account at a specific time. Rank Ranger obtains data from Instagram once per week, so differences are simply due to the date range and the time of day that Instagram provides us with the data.

Why don't my Instagram reports display data?

If you have recently connected your Instagram account to Rank Ranger and a campaign, it can tak up to 24 hours for Instagram to begin supplying data via their API.

If you have previously viewed Instagram data in your Rank Ranger reports and graphs and it suddenly is missing, then the Instagram connection has expired. Social networks expire the tokens (connections) to external applications:
  • If a password is changed
  • For security reasons, they require that an authorized account user reconnect occasionally
Because Instagram does this without advanced notification, our system validates all Instagram connections daily so that we can alert via email you promptly. The alert is sent to the Rank Ranger account owner email address with instructions to log in to both Instagram and Rank Ranger and click the Renew button for each affected Instagram account.

Renew Instagram API Connection

renew Instagram API connection

Available Third Party Integrations

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