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Rank Ranger's Data Studio Integration (BETA)

Learn how to integrate Rank Ranger rank data into Google Data Studio .

Google Data Studio is a free dashboard reporting tool and with Rank Ranger's data connector you can choose from a variety of rank metrics you’d like to display in reports and easily share with other internal stakeholders or agency clients.

Rank Ranger customer support is able to assist you only with our data and APIs, if you need assistance with creation of Data Studio reports beyond our template and the instructions in this documentation, please contact the Google Data Studio Support team.
Data Studio report with Rank Ranger data

Report Templates

To help you get started using Rank Ranger data in Data Studio reports, we have created a multiple page template with these layouts. You may delete any of the pages that you don't wish to use.

Welcome Page
Click on any element on this page to add your branding and change the text, or hover over the page name (e.g. 1. Howdy!), click the 3 dots and select Remove to delete the page.

Rank Ranger Data Studio template intro

Rank Overview
Rank position widgets with percentage of change, keyword table and position distribution graph

Rank Ranger Data Studio template Overview

Daily Rank Stats
Rank Position widgets with percentage of change, and a table of top ranked keywords and landing pages

Rank Ranger Data Studio template daily rank stats

Search Engine Performance Comparison
Side-by-side comparison of the average rank, rank distribution, and top ranking keywords and landing pages on 2 search engines
compare 2 search engines template
Rank Position Stats
Colorful rank position widgets with rank change percentage, position distribution graph, keyword rankings table with landing page and search volume.
light theme rank position template

Rank Position Stats (dark theme)
With a simple change of Current Theme from "Custom" to "Simple Dark" in the Layout and Theme settings, the above report can be set to display like this:

dark theme rank position template


The Rank Tracking connector provides access to the following metrics per campaign:
  • Rank
  • Positions 1-3
  • Positions 4-10
  • Positions 1-10
  • Positions 11-20
  • Positions 21-30
  • Positions 31-50
  • Positions 51-100
  • Date
  • Domain
  • Landing Page URL
  • Keyword
  • Search Engine URL
  • Search Engine Name
  • Search Volume

Getting Started

Gather the following information from your Rank Ranger account:

Integrate with Connector

  • Access the Rank Ranger Rank Tracking connector
  • Change "Untitled Data Source" to a name that is descriptive of the campaign or site the data is for
  • Click the Authorize button
step 1

Verification Warning
You may receive a warning message about the connector not being verified yet. Because customers are in a rush to use this and Google's verification process takes time, we decided to release the connector while waiting for them to approve publication in their gallery.
  • If you want to proceed and use the connector while we're awaiting Google's verification process, then click the "Advanced" link and then click the "Go to Rank Ranger Rank Tracking Connector (unsafe)" link.
  • If you don't want to proceed past the warning screen, you may try the Supermetrics Rank Ranger Connector for Data Studio.
To proceed with Rank Ranger's Data Studio Connector, click the Advanced link

verification warning

Click the Go to Rank Ranger Rank Tracking Connector (unsafe) link

resolve verification warning

Sign In
Enter an email address that is related to a Google account and click the Next button

sign in

Enter the password associated with the email address and click the Next button


Review and accept terms
Click the Allow button
accept terms

Enter your Rank Ranger API key and click the Submit button
Refer to this documentation if you need help locating your API key

enter api key

Campaign Settings
  • Enter Campaign ID, Search Engine ID and domain name
  • By default the "use report template for new reports" option is checked, if you don't want to use our template, then you should uncheck that option
  • Click the Connect button
enter campaign settings

Data Available for Report
This screen displays the data fields that are available to be used in a Data Studio report.
  • If you want to change the name of any of the fields, click into the field and type the name you want to use.
  • Click the Create Report button  

Google notifies you that you're about to create a new report using the selected data source, click the Create Report button to proceed.

Welcome Page
  • You may choose to brand and edit, or remove this page 
  • You can toggle between Edit and View modes with a button in the upper right of the report

Navigate, Rename or Remove Pages
  • Click the arrows to navigate through pages or click the Page field and select a page from the menu
  • Click into the page field and hover over the 3 dots to select Rename or Remove pages

rename or remove pages

Make a Copy
If you want additional copies of the report saved to your Data Studio account, select File > Make a copy... 

copy template

If you need assistance with Data Studio's tools, please click their ? help icon in the upper right of the screen and search for instructions.

Using Rank Ranger Data in Data Studio Reports

Score Cards
Our template includes a block of Position Distribution widgets, which are referred to as Scorecards in Data Studio. 

Score Cards

Score Card Settings
This is an example of the settings for the above Positions 1-3 Scorecard. 

score card settings

Rank Positions Bar Chart
Our template includes this rank position bar chart. 

Rank position column chart

Bar Chart Settings
This is an example of the settings for the above bar chart.

bar chart settings

Keyword Rankings Table
Our template includes this Keyword Rankings table that provides keyword, landing page, rank and search volume.

Keyword Rankings Table

Keyword Rankings Table Settings
This is an example of the settings for the above table. 

keyword rankings settings

How to Obtain API Access

If you'd like to help determining which of our API plans is most appropriate for your needs, contact our service team and an account manager will be happy to assist you.

If you already have a Rank Ranger plan and see an error message when accessing the Account Settings > API & Connected Apps screen, then to obtain API access you will need to upgrade to a package that includes API access by completing a custom package request form or contacting Rank Ranger support with your requirements.

If your company has API services included in a plan and you aren't able to access the screen, contact your company's Rank Ranger account administrator to request that your user permissions be set to include access to the Account Settings > API & Connected Apps screen.

How to Generate New API Keys

You can obtain API Keys per user if your Rank Ranger account has API access by navigating to
1. Campaigns
2. API Resources
3. API Key Generator
4. Click the Generate Key button
5. Select a User and add a note (optional)
6. Click the Add button

Generate API Key

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